Zachry Nuclear is a full service engineering firm that has been providing engineering, design, software development, and operations & maintenance (O&M) support services for electric utilities, advanced reactor designers, research organizations, regulators, Architect/Engineers, fuel vendors, and government energy agencies worldwide for over 45 years. Zachry Nuclear, and predecessors, Proto-Power Corporation (PPC), Numerical Applications, Inc. (NAI) and Computer Simulation & Analysis, Inc. (CSA), are internationally recognized for our expertise in thermal hydraulics analysis, radiological analysis, safety analysis and software development. We develop several industry standard analysis codes such as GOTHIC (coarse grid CFD), RETRAN-3D (system thermal-hydraulic and 3D neutron kinetics), VIPRE (subchannel), PROTO-FLO (piping analysis and design), PROTO-HX (heat exchanger performance), RADTRAD-NAI (dose and radiological consequences) and also develop custom software solutions. We specialize in applying these and other tools to provide significant cost savings for our clients through efficiency improvements, margin recapture, operations flexibility, and effective designs by developing innovative engineering solutions through automation, optimization, advanced modeling and simulation and machine learning methods. Our clients include existing plants and advanced reactor vendors supporting many of the SMR, non-LWR and microreactors currently being designed and developed both in the US and internationally. Please visit our website at for additional information.


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