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34590 - A PDE-Informed Neural Network for a Closure Model without Physics Decomposition
34635 - Enriched Uranium Supply Requirements for the Transition to Advanced Reactors
34931 - Radiation Effects on Additively Manufactured High Performance Engineering Polymers
34910 - Initial Target Design for Production of Cyclotron-Based Gallium-68 Radioisotope Using FLUKA
34634 - Introduction to Nuclear Thermal Rockets and Different Core Types
35257 - Evaluating Potential Detectors for use with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
35120 - A CFD method for prediction of the water-steam critical flow rate through the slit
35316 - Directionally Dependent Event-by-Event Neutron-Photon Multiplicity Correlations in 252-Cf
34596 - Foil Material Selection for Active Interrogation Neutron Activation Analysis Experiments
34825 - Solving Coupled Problems using MMS
34688 - Tungsten Ultrasonic Bonding to Steel for Use in Fusion Reactors
34665 - Discussion of the KRUSTY Space Reactor Experiments
35220 - Laser Electron Acceleration in Micrometers
35237 - High Enrichment Fuel Management Study for 4-Loop Westinghouse PWR
32528 - Determining Ship Effect Background Radiation
35266 - Axial Sensor Movement in Instrumented Lead Experiments
34917 - Radiological Assessment with Autonomous Radiation Characterizing
35192 - OpenMC Neutronic Analysis of NASA Centrifugal Nuclear Thermal Rocket
35118 - Versatile Test Reactor Fuel Loading Analysis
34691 - Transporting Shielding Vessel for Micro-Mobile Nuclear Power Reactor
35261 - Preliminary Analysis of Fuel Cycles for PRISM Reactor
35221 - High Enrichment Fuel Management Study for a 4-Loop Westinghouse NSSS
35180 - Preliminary Tritium Accident Analyses for Licensing of Commercial Fusion Facilities