Cost: Free

Must be 18 years or older to participate in the tour.

Boxed lunches will be provided on bus.

Final date to register: July 12, 2024

Last day to submit paperwork: July 19, 2024

Note: There will not be hotel pickup offered for this event. Guests must meet at 775 MK Simpson Blvd

Idaho National Laboratory (INL), the nation’s nuclear energy laboratory, will be hosting a tour of some of its key “Site” locations, including the National Historic Landmark Experimental Breeder Reactor-I Atomic Museum, the Advanced Test Reactor and the Materials and Fuels Complex. 

Experimental Breeder Reactor-I was the first reactor built at what is now Idaho National Laboratory. It was also the first reactor in the world to prove the principle in 1951 that electricity could be supplied from atomic energy. It is therefore known as the world’s first nuclear power plant and is now a museum and registered National Historic Landmark.  

The Advanced Test Reactor, a third-generation test reactor, has held the first position on the International Atomic Energy Agency’s list of the most powerful research and test reactors since it first powered up in 1967. In just months, ATR can rapidly age materials duplicating years or even decades of neutron damage an experiment would see in a commercial reactor. This capability makes ATR the national and international materials and fuels irradiation facility of choice. 

The Materials and Fuels Complex is the bustling “metropolis” of INL’s 890-square mile site. MFC is a vital component of U.S. nuclear research and development efforts, with capabilities ranging from post-irradiation examination of new fuel types to producing radioisotope power systems that power spacecraft such as the Perseverance Rover on Mars. It is home to the largest inert hot cell in the world as well as two of INL's operating test reactors, the Transient Test Reactor, and the Neutron Radiography Reactor.  

Sign up information to come – space will be limited to the first 100!