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Lt. Col. Thomas “Tommy” Nix
United States Space Force,
Space Nuclear Power Lead and Senior Military Advisor, Spacecraft Technology Division (RVS),
Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)

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Mark R. Scherbarth, Ph.D., DR-IV
Chief, Spacecraft Technology Division AFRL, Space Vehicles Directorate

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Richard Griffith
Sr. Campaign Manager, Resilient Energy Systems Mission Campaign
Sandia National Laboratories


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Patrick McClure
Chief Operations Officer

New Mexico has a long and distinguished history with space and nuclear power. From the early days of the Army V2 program at White Sands in the late 40s and the Rover project at Los Alamos in the 60s to the current nuclear launch safety program at Sandia and the Kilopower program at Los Alamos, the state has been intimately involved in both space and nuclear power. This session looks at the current capabilities of the state and how they can leveraged for future space nuclear programs. Our speakers come from diverse backgrounds representing the Space Force, Los Alamos, and Sandia.


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