This conference provides an international forum for the discussion of the scientific, technical, social, and regulatory aspects associated with the storage, extended storage, transportation, recycling, and disposal of used/spent fuel, high-level and other radioactive waste, including decommissioning waste. As nuclear power is being looked at globally to address climate change, a proactive focus on resolving “back end” of the fuel cycle issues is paramount. Consent-based siting of both centralized interim storage facilities and geologic repositories will be instrumental to fostering this growth. Lessons learned and innovative approaches will be shared amongst participants from industry, government, academia, policymakers, and the interested public. International and student participation are highly encouraged to facilitate knowledge transfer to countries pursuing a nuclear future and to the generation that will be responsible for implementation.


General Chair:

Sylvia Saltzstein Sandia National Laboratories

Program Chair:

Brady Hanson (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Program Cochair:

Emily Stein (Sandia National Laboratories)

Robert Howard (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Technical Sessions