ANS Fellows

Dr. Ryan G. McClarren
University of Notre Dame

In recognition of his capable leadership of DOE-NE’s university programs, expanding their scope and size, and enhancing the engagement of the nuclear engineering academic community with national laboratories and industry for the betterment of the US innovative nuclear energy posture

Seaborg Medal

Dr. Steven J. Zinkle
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

For innovative research enabling an improved understanding of structural material performance limits in reactors, and for developing practical design strategies for new high-performance radiation-resistant materials.

E. Gail de Planque Medal

Lauren Dawn Thew
BCP Engineers & Consultants

In recognition of advancing nuclear science and technology in nuclear materials, irradiation damage and effects, mechanical properties, high temperature corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and electron microscopy.

Mary Jane Oestmann Professional
Women’s Achievement Awards

Dr. Assel Aitkaliyeva
University of Florida

For leadership in advancing understanding of nuclear fuels, establishing novel nuclear fuels characterization laboratory, and dedication to diversity in nuclear sciences

Dr. Catherine L. Riddle
Idaho National Laboratory

For dedication to nuclear science and technology research and the education and professional development of young researchers in the field of nuclear science and radiochemistry.

Reactor Technology Award

Dr. Koroush Shirvan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

For his engineering and scientific contributions to the economic viability of safe nuclear power through novel fuel designs and understanding of chemical interactions under irradiation.

Social Responsibility in the Nuclear Community Award

Diversity and Inclusion in ANS Committee Founders

Dr. Lane B. Carasik
Virginia Commonwealth University

Lisa M. Marshall
North Carolina State University

Dr. Kalin Kiesling
Argonne National Laboratory

In recognition of establishing the Diversity and Inclusion in ANS Committee.

Landis Public Communication & Education Award

Jim Walther
National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

For his visionary leadership in furthering public education about peaceful applications of nuclear technology through his role in creating Nuclear Science Week and myriad educational programs

Standards Service Award

Douglas G. Bowen
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

For his many significant contributions and meaningful technical guidance, always blended with professionalism, which have improved the quality of the ANS-8 series of standards to enhance the foundation from which nuclear criticality safety in operations with fissionable materials outside of reactors can be ensured for succeeding generations.

Young Members Advancement Award (YMG)

Craig H. Piercy
American Nuclear Society

In recognition of his consistent contributions in advancing student and young member participation in the Society through his dedication, service, and leadership.

Young Member Excellence Award (YMG)

Alexandra L. Siwy
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

In recognition for exemplary leadership, outstanding service, and notable outreach efforts promoting professionalism, positively representing nuclear technology to the public, and increasing young member engagement.


Presidential Citations

Andrew R. Griffith
U.S. Department of Energy

For his significant contributions and dedication to the advancement of the U.S. commercial nuclear industry and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy, supporting the full range of nuclear energy waste management, facility operations, and technology research missions.

Armond Cohen
Clean Air Task Force

For his leadership in driving change through enlightened and effective advocacy to move our country in the direction of a high energy, zero emissions future at affordable cost using clean energy sources including new and existing nuclear power plants.

Rafael M Grossi and the International Atomic Energy Agency

For their courageous leadership of the worldwide effort to promote a strong and sustainable global nuclear safety and security framework and their proactive efforts to support the Ukrainian civilian nuclear facilities and workers during military conflict.

Ukrainian Nuclear Workers

For their extraordinary devotion to the principles of safe and secure nuclear power plant operation in the face of the military attack on the Ukrainian nuclear power infrastructure. In particular, ANS acknowledges the dedication of the workers at the Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhya facilities for carrying out their duties during foreign military occupation.

Committee Awards

Glenn T. Seaborg Congressional Science and Engineering Fellowship

Sarah Rachelle Stevenson
University of California, Berkeley

Joseph Wayne Orellana
GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy

Local Section Meritorious Awards (ETWDD & LSC)

The Local Section Meritorious Award is presented to the ANS local sections that have conducted the most worthwhile events; have shown outstanding membership growth, participation, and administration during the award year.

This year’s recipients are:

  • Best Overall Meritorious
    Idaho Local Section
  • Best Recruiting Program
    Idaho Local Section
  • Best Public Information and Education
    United Arab Emirates Local Section
  • Best Local Section Management
    Savannah River Local Section
  • Best Meetings and Programs
    Savannah River Local Section

Samuel Glasstone Awards (ETWDD & SSC)

The Samuel Glasstone Award recognizes outstanding ANS Student Sections.

This year’s recipients are:

  • University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez, First Place
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Second Place
  • Missouri University of Science & Technology, Third Place
  • University of New Mexico, Third Place

International Nuclear Societies Council (INSC) Global Award

William Donald Magwood, IV
OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

For his outstanding contributions to the promotion of nuclear regulatory programs to highest standards of safety, the set up the Generation IV International Forum as well as for expanding OECD Nuclear Energy Agency relations with members and institutions of different countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

The award will be presented at the INSC 02/2022 Meeting on November 15, 2022 in Camelback D.

Division Awards

Mark Mills Awards (ETWDD)

Ibrahim Jarrah
University of Illinois, Urbana -Champaign

For his work entitled: Nodal integral methods in general 2D curvilinear coordinates - applied to convection–diffusion equation in domains discretized using quadrilateral elements. (PhD thesis title: Nodal Integral Methods for Heat and Mass Transfer in Curvilinear Coordinates)

John L. Pevey
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

For his work entitled: Neural Network Acceleration of Genetic Algorithms for the Optimization of a Coupled Fast/Thermal Nuclear Experiment

Student Design Competition (ETWDD)

The following are the finalists in the undergraduate category (in no particular order):

The Small, Uranium-based Molten Salt (SUMS) Reactor
Georgia Institute of Technology
Authors: Alex England, Sam Heflin, MaryEmma Hughes, Marina Polegenko, and Luke Wells
Advisor: Bojan Petrovic

(BWR) British Water Reactor
University of Florida
Navid A. Aslani, Madison N. Bushloper, Matthew B. Harper, Ginger Lucas, and Mitch Mika
Advisor: Dr. DuWayne L. Schubring

Design of a Machine Learning Tool for Predictive Emergency Response
Purdue University
Authors: Zachery Dahm, Sarah McCauley Kannapell, and William Kelley
Advisor: Dr. Shripad T. Revankar

SMRs and Thermal Energy Storage on Decommissioned Nuclear Sites
University of Massachusetts at Lowell
Authors: Mustapha Zakeri, Ankit Mishra, and Lohith Annadevula
Advisor: Dr. Sukesh K. Aghara

Radiation Science & Technology Award (IRD)

Dr. Lin-Wen Hu
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

For outstanding contributions to innovative research reactor applications to study radiation effect and transport of high-temperature molten salt for demonstrating Molten Salt Reactor concepts.

Meritorious Performance in Operations Award (OPD)

Advanced Test Reactor Team
Idaho National Laboratory

In recognition of INL’s dedicated Advanced Test Reactor workforce successfully completing ATR’s 6th core internals changeout - a complete overhaul and the most complex outage in its history.

The award will be presented at the the Nuclear Historic Landmark Award and Walter Zinn Medal Special Session.

Bal-Raj Sehgal Memorial Award (THD)

Prof. Annalisa Manera
ETH Zürich

For her novel contributions to high-resolution thermal-hydraulics experiments, and the development of innovative multiphysics and multiscale CFD-based computational tools for nuclear reactor applications. Award will be presented at the 20th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-20).

Technical Achievement Awards (THD)

Dr. Upendra Rohatgi
Brookhaven National Laboratory and Energy

For his exceptional contributions to thermal-hydraulic theory and applications, experimental facility scaling, numerical methods, and verification and validation of software.

Dr. Bao-Wen Yang
DEQD Institute for Advanced Research in Multiphase Flow and Energy

For his significant and impactful contributions to the advancement of rod bundle CHF, subchannel thermal-hydraulics, advance fuel design, and reactor safety. The THD Technical Achievement Awards will be presented at the THD Award Ceremony Monday, November 14.

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