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Measuring the Quench Dynamics and Propagation of the VIPER High Temperature Superconducting Cable

Erica Salazar (Commonwealth Fusion Systems), Zachary Hartwig (MIT), Philip Michael (Plasma Science and Fusion Center)

Ultra-High Field Superconductors for Compact Fusion Magnets

Venkat Selvamanickam (Univ. Houston)

Development of High-Temperature Superconducting CORC® Cables and Demountable Joints for Fusion Magnets

Danko van d. Laan (Advanced Conductor Technologies), Jeremy Weiss (Advanced Conductor Technologies), Kyle Radcilff (Advanced Conductor Technologies), Tim Mulder (CERN), Alexey Dudarev (CERN), Herman t. Kate (Univ. Twente), Xiaorong Wang (Berkeley Lab), Yuhu Zhai (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory), Steve Allen (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority), Frank Schoofs (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority), Jack Greenwood (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority), Julian Holt (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority), U.P. Trociewitz (Applied Superconductivity Center), D. Abraimov (Applied Superconductivity Center), D.S. Davis (Applied Superconductivity Center), L.D. Cooley (Applied Superconductivity Center), D.C. Larbalestier (Applied Superconductivity Center)

Doppler Backscattering: A Powerful Plasma Turbulence and Flow Diagnostic

Lothar Schmitz (Univ. California, Los Angeles)

Diagnostic Focus on C-2W Results

Thomas Roche (TAE Technologies)


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