Integration and Collaboration with Other Fields: How to incorporate ideas and learning from other areas of science/engineering outside of mathematics, computational science, and computational nuclear engineering. Although everything we do as part of the nuclear mathematics and computation world is amazing (at least we like to think so), we as a field can gain great benefit from incorporating ideas from other fields of science and engineering outside of our traditional resource fields. This benefit can come from incorporating methods and ideas from published research as well as through collaboration. Panelists will explore best practices, examples, and lessons learned based on experiences incorporating developments from other fields of science and engineering outside of our typical areas of mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science, and of course, computational nuclear engineering. The questions we hope to discuss in this roundtable will include: What other applied fields should we be partnering with and looking to learn from? How do we better collaborate and learn from other fields of research? Are there resources/practices that could enable better collaboration among these applied computational fields?


  • Dr. Zeyun Wu (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.)
  • Dr. Kyle Niemeyer (Oregon State)
  • Dr. Jennifer Steers (Cedars Sinai)
  • Dr. Lindsay Shuller-Nickles (Clemson Univ.)


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