Advances in Thermal Hydraulics: Advanced Reactors Supporting Net-Zero Emissions

Opening Remarks: Chul-Hwa Song (KAERI), ATH’22 General Chair

Welcome Message: Elia Merzari (Penn State), Thermal Hydraulics Division Chair

Introduction to ATH’22 Program: W. David Pointer (ORNL), Technical Program Chair

Plenary Keynote
Advancing Nuclear Energy to Support Economy-Wide Net-Zero Solutions: Challenges and Opportunities :

  • Shannon Bragg-Sitton (Idaho National Laboratory)

Plenary Panel
T-H Challenges in Advanced Reactors supporting Net-Zero Emissions

  • Shannon Bragg-Sitton (INL)
  • Charles Forsberg (MIT)
  • Eric Williams (TerraPower)
  • Per Peterson (Kairos Power)


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