Requirements for Attendees: No requirements; however, attendees with SCALE 6.2 (or more recent) can participate in UQ demos, and attendees with SCALE 6.2.2 (or more recent) can participate in UQ & parametric studies demos.

Summary Paragraph: This tutorial will introduce the capabilities of the Sampler sequence, available starting in SCALE 6.2. The initial implementation of Sampler included uncertainty quantification (UQ) based on Monte Carlo sampling of multigroup nuclear data or input parameters in any SCALE sequence. The tutorial will touch on nuclear data sampling but will focus on UQ for input materials and geometry descriptions in criticality safety models. The Sampler sequence was expanded in the 6.2.2 update to include a parametric study capability. This capability is particularly useful for nuclear criticality safety evaluations and has been used extensively in recent work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Demonstrations of both the UQ and parametric capabilities will be included. Attendees with licensed copies of SCALE 6.2 installed on their devices will be able to follow along with presenters in the demonstrations.