Standing Committees

These committees have been established to pursue the aims of the Society. Committee members are appointed by the ANS president, with the exception of the Nominating Committee which is appointed by the Board of Directors.

Special Committees

From time to time, or as the need arises, the president will establish special committees with specific terms to examine Society or industry-wide issues.

Professional Division Subcommittees

Professional Divisions of the American Nuclear Society can also play an important role in ANS governance.

Invest in ANS Initiatives

ANS Economic Imperative Student Design Project: "The Economic Imperative: From Building to Manufacturing"

The ANS Board of Directors has approved the launch of a nationwide student design project, aimed at using mass production technology to achieve the economic imperative.

Mass production designs need to be pre-licensed. Production engineers can then take these into the factories, and fabricate large modules that can be assembled quickly on site. Mass production lines could produce a steam generator a day; a pressure vessel per week. We do not need new reactor concepts or new fuel cycles. This will use innovation, change and transition to use existing technology to produce competitive products.

In addition, innovative designs will undoubtedly emerge from a fresh look at water-cooled reactor technology by young engineers already steeped in computerized design, instrumentation and control, from large high technology industries such as aerospace.

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