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Arthur Holly Compton Award in Education
Elmer E. Lewis

Distinguished Public Service Award
Not Awarded

Edward Teller Award
Not Awarded

Eugene P. Wigner Reactor Physicist Award
Allan F. Henry

George C. Laurence Pioneering Award
Not Awarded

Henry DeWolf Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award (NEI)
Bertram Wolf

Landis Public Communication and Education Award
Robert L. Skinner

Landis Young Member Engineering Achievement Award
Not Awarded

Leadership Award
John Graham,Norbert R. Grant,Nancy M. Trahey

Local Sections Meritorious Award
Idaho Meritorious, Large,Long Island Meritorious, Small,Latin America Meritorious, International,Idaho Best Membership, Large,Eastern Carolinas Best Meetings and Programs, Large,Eastern Washington Best Public Information/Education, Large,Idaho Best Section Management, Large,Virginia Best Membership, Small,Virginia Best Meetings and Programs, Small,Louisiana Best Public Information/Education, Small,Long Island Best Section Management, Small,Latin America International, All Categories,Savannah River, Washington DC, Taiwan Meritorious Finalists

Mark Mills Award
Chad B. Carrico

Mary Jane Oestmann Professional Women's Achievement Award
Jeanne K. Krieger

Meritorious Performance in Operations Award
George C. Fullmer (GE Nuclear, San Jose) (retired)

Nuclear Historic Landmark Award
B Reactor Approved October,Indian Point 1 Nuclear Generating Station Approved October,Radiochemical Development Facility- Building 3019, ORNL Approved October

Presidential Citations
Neil L. Felmus

Radiation Science and Technology Award
Not Awarded

Ray Goertz Award
John R. White

Rockwell Lifetime Achievement Award
Not Awarded

Samuel Glasstone Award
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (First Place), University of Maryland (Second Place), University of Wisconsin-Madison (Third Place), University of Florida (Honorable Mention), Texas A&M University (Honorable Mention)

Seaborg Medal
Richard T. Lahey, Jr.

Special Award
Eric McFarland
Outstanding Advances in the Use of Nuclear Techniques for Medical Applications
Standards Service Award
J. Ed Smith posthumously

Student Design Competition
Graduate Category, University of Tennessee: Roger Brewer, Michael Crouse, Ernie Elliott, Kadir Kavaklioglu,University of Texas, Austin: Robert Canaan, Jong-You Kim, Steve Manson, Arnold Preece, Carlos Rios-Martinezz, Hector Vega-Carrillo,Undergraduate Category,Oregon State University: Curt Betts ,Mel Guymon, Mark Galvin, Janet Green, Steve Slater,University of Tennessee: Chris L. Black, J. Allen Crabtree, Carter D. Hooper, John K. Mattingly, Travis L. Tate

Technical Achievement Award
Yih Yun Hsu (Y.Y.)

Theos J. ("Tommy") Thompson Award For Reactor Safety
Thomas E. Murley

Walker Lee Cisler Medal
Akira Oyama

Walter H. Zinn Award
Glenn A. Reed

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