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The core purpose of ANS is to promote the awareness and understanding with regard to the application of nuclear science and technology. ANS members represent a broad spectrum of 1600 worldwide organizations throughout 54 countries, from utilities and manufacturers to educational institutions, national laboratories and government agencies. Over the last 12 months, the ANS Web site has attracted more than 290,000 unique visitors corresponding to 6,289,646 million banner/page views. Banner ads are simultaneously rotated throughout the more than 64,700 total public and private web pages. In addition, employment and recruitment banners are permanently positioned on the Career Center pages.

Monthly tracking reports verify the number of visitors that viewed your banner and linked directly to your web site.

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Online Banner Ad Rates:

  • Term Rate
  • 1 month $1,350
  • 3 months $2,340
  • 6 months $3,570
  • 12 months $5,280

The above rates are the net amounts payable to ANS and are noncommissionable.

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Banner Specifications:

File Size: 468 x 60 pixels at 72 dpi (max 40kb)
Acceptable File Formats: GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PSD

All files must be RGB colors; non-Flash images; no tags allowed.
Companies need to provide the URL to which the banner will link.

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