Sponsored Content Rates

Editorial content only (approx. 400 word per page)Nuclear NewsRadwaste Solutions
Two pages$3570$2980
Three pages$4915$3880
Four pages$6070$4745
Add a full page advertisement at the end of your Sponsored Content article$2010$1400

The above rates are the net amounts payable to ANS and are noncommissionable.

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Editorial content: Should be supplied as a Word document. Include a headline/title for your article along with body text of approximately 400 words per page. The amount of text that can comfortably fit on a page is dependent upon the amount of images you would also like to include; our Design Specialist will work with you to fit the material into the available space, and you will receive a proof prior to publication. žPhotos, diagrams, and any other images that you would like to provide with your article should be in JPG format and should include a caption.

Ad specifications: See full page ad specifications in our ad size guide.

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