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Students Sections Committee

The Student Sections Committee shall be responsible for the proper conduct of the Student Sections. The committee shall cooperate with individuals and groups interested in the formation of Student Sections, assisting them in the preparation of a petition, and in other organizational and operating procedures, including those used to conduct Student Conferences. 

This committee shall be composed of at least ten (10), but no more than twenty (20) ANS Members, each appointed to a three (3)-year term, with the terms of approximately one-third (1/3) of the members expiring at the close of each Annual Meeting. In addition, the Chair of each Student Section, or a designated representative, shall be an ex officio member of this committee.  The Student Director on the ANS Board of Directors and the Chair of the Education, Training and Workforce Development Division, or a representative designated by the Chair, shall be ex officio members of this committee.  In addition, each student conference Chair, or a delegate selected by the student conference Chair, shall be an ex officio member of this committee. A quorum shall consist of appointed and/or ex officio members equal to a majority of the appointed members. Student Members should comprise at least half of the appointed members and the Chair and/or Vice Chair shall be a Student Member.

See also: Student Sections Committee Web Site

Committee Chair: Lane Carasik

Staff Liaison: Tracy Coyle

Section Rules and Bylaws

Resources available to local and student sections to aid in the adoption of the new Bylaws and Rules system are available on the Bylaws and Rules Committee page.

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