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Publications Steering Committee

The Publications Steering Committee shall coordinate all aspects of publications activity and interest within the Society, recommend to the Society in matters concerning publications relating to nuclear science and technology, and represent the Society in activities with other organizations engaged in cooperative or similar activities.  The purview of the committee includes any ANS document, which is intended and/or is distributed other than to members of the Society, containing significant content or original writing which could be attributable to the Society.

The Steering Committee shall be composed of at least six (6) but no more than twelve (12) ANS Members, each appointed to terms of three (3) years.  The terms designated for each shall be such that effective continuity of experience will be maintained.  In addition, the Chairs, or their designated representatives, of the National Program Committee, the Professional Divisions Committee, and the three publications committees on Books, Journals, and Meeting Publications, shall serve as ex officio members of the Steering Committee.  The Chair of the Publications Steering Committee shall recommend the Chairs of these three publications committees to the President of the Society for their appointment.  The Chairs of the three publications committees, in turn, shall appoint individual members to their respective committees subject to the approval of the President of the Society.  At least one (1) of the members of the Technical Journals Committee shall be a non-U.S. resident.  The Publications Manager of the Society, or an alternate, appointed by the Executive Director, shall be responsible for coordinating the publications activities of the Society with the Publications Steering Committee.

Committee Chair: Donald Lorentz

Staff Liaison: Rick Michal

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