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National Program Committee

The National Program Committee shall be responsible for the general character of all technical meetings of which the Society is the sponsor or a major co-sponsor, shall solicit and receive technical papers, approve special technical sessions or discussions, and establish standards, schedules, and procedures for selection and presentation at these meetings.

This committee shall be composed of at least ten (10) but no more than twenty (20) ANS Members, each appointed to a three (3)-year term, with the terms of approximately one-third (1/3) of the members expiring at the close of each Annual Meeting.  At least one (1) of the appointed members shall be on the Board of Directors.  At least one (1) of the appointed members shall be a non-U.S. resident.  Appointed members shall include the technical program Chairs for the upcoming national meetings. In addition, a member and an alternate to represent each Professional Division and Technical Group shall be designated by the respective Division or Group Chair for a term not exceeding three (3) years.  The member shall be the Division or Group Program Committee Chair, while the alternate shall be the Chair-Elect of the Division or Group Program Committee. The alternate shall vote only in the absence of the respective Division or Group member.  The Finance Committee Chair, the Professional Divisions Committee Chair, and the Meetings Proceedings & Transactions Committee Chair, or their designated representatives, shall serve as ex officio members.

Committee Chair: Charles (Chip) Martin

Staff Liaison: Paula Cappelletti

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