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International Committee

This committee shall encourage and develop plans pertaining to the role of the Society in increasing international relations, potential affiliations, liaisons, and cooperative agreements with other technical societies throughout the world; formation of ANS Local Sections outside the United States where appropriate; and mechanisms to foster international exchange of information on nuclear energy.  In addition, the committee shall cooperate with national societies outside the U.S. interested in designation as Affiliated National Societies, assisting them in the preparation of a petition, and in other organizational and operating procedures. 

This committee shall be composed of at least twenty (20) but no more than forty (40) ANS Members, each appointed to a three (3)-year term, with terms of approximately one-third (1/3) of these members expiring at the close of each Annual Meeting.  In addition, the non-U.S. resident ANS Board members shall be ex officio members. At least one-half (1/2) of the members shall be non-U.S. residents, and non-U.S. resident members shall be selected so as to assure representation from as many countries as possible.  Preference for non-U.S. resident members shall be given to non-U.S. local section Chairs and ANS agreement society members who are also ANS members.  The Chair of the National Program Committee, or a representative designated by the Chair, shall serve as an ex officio member.  A designated representative from each ANS agreement society shall serve as a non-voting participant on this committee.

Committee Chair: Mimi Limbach

Staff Liaison: Valerie Vasilievas

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International Committee Roster, 2016-2017

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