Premier Individual Donors Honor Roll

Thank you to the following donors who each have contributed $5,000 or more to the American Nuclear Society throughout the years. Your invaluable support helps sustain our service to ANS members and the nuclear community.

Wayne L. Andrews, Jr.

Steven A. Arndt

Andrew S. Barritt

James W. Behrens

Edgar Berkey

Rita C. Bowser

Margaret S.Y. Chu

Joe F. Colvin

Eugene N. Cramer

Patrick F. Ervin

Vincent J. Esposito

Carl & Kathy Esposito Family

Marvin S. Fertel

Abel A. Garcia

Tsahi Gozani

Eugene S. Grecheck

Theresa Hamlin

H.M. Hashemian

David K. Hayes

Donald R. Hoffman

Sushil C. Jain

W. Reed Johnson

Warren E. Keene

Hugh Kendrick

Andrew C. Klein

John Landis

Harry Lawroski

Michael J. Lineberry

John R. Longenecker

Gail H. Marcus

Thomas P. McLaughlin

Thomas E. Mistler

Sherry A. Mitchell

Toshio Morita

R. Don Mothena

William L. Myers

William F. Naughton

E. Gail de Planque

Edward L. Quinn

Joseph J. Ruggiero

Stephen P. Schultz

Sarita Sehgal

William T. Sha

Arkal S. Shenoy

Rachel N. Slaybaugh

Kurt M. Taylor

Roger W. Tilbrook

Beverly Ann Tyreman

Alan E. Waltar

John C. Williams

Brian N. Woolweber

Loyd A. Wright

Natalie Ann Yonker

2021 ANS Champions Honor Roll

Thank you to the following donors whose support helps further the Society’s mission to advance, foster, and spur the development and application of nuclear science, engineering, and technology to benefit society.

Patrons — $500+

Steven A. Arndt*

Carol L. Berrigan

Diane M. Cato*

Joe F. Colvin

John F. Conant

Alan B. Cox

Vincent J. Esposito

Guy P. Estes

Audeen W. Fentiman*

Marvin S. Fertel

Anthony Hechanova*

R. Shane Johnson

Hugh Kendrick

Eric A. Larson*

John R. Longenecker

Edward L. Quinn

E. James Reinsch

Luis A. Reyes*

Laura Scheele*

Stephen P. Schultz*

Andrew O. Smetana*

Charles A. Sparrow*

John G. Stevens*

Carl E. Weber

William Arthur Wharton, III

John C. Williams*

Brian N. Woolweber*

Benefactors — $250–$499

Joseph S. Armijo*

Ann S. Bisconti*

Michael D. Bradley*

Laural L. Briggs

Forrest B. Brown*

Roger J. Mc Candless

Heather J. M. Chichester*

Frank Dennis Coon, III*

Garth E. Cummings

Lawrence F. Drbal*

Paul G. Edelmann

Bryan A. Erler

Kenneth A. Ewell*

James R. Fancher*

Thomas H. Fanning*

Madeline A. Feltus*

Paul E. Hartnett*

Joseph M. Hendrie

Timothy Johnson

William E. Kennedy, Jr.*

Sama Bilbao y Leon

Michael L. Marler*

Greg Mason*

Steven J. Nathan*

Kaichiro Odajima*

Riley Palmer

Joseph Y.R. Rashid*

Ray A. Rothrock

Kenneth J. Schrader*

Thomas B. Silko*

David H. Smith*

Tighe W. Smith

Russell E. Stachowski*

Rebecca L. Steinman*

Donald R. Todd

Christopher M. Wiegand

David A. Wilson

Paul P. Wilson*

Ann D. Winters*

Andrew R. Wysong*

Advocates — $100–$249

Nusret S. Aksan*

Kelsey Amundson*

Curtis A. Beck

Paul E. Benneche*

Sidney A. Bernsen

Frank Bevilacqua

Stylianos Chatzidakis

Bruce W. Crawford

Douglas C. Crawford*

Timothy M. Crook*

Donna M. D'Aquila

Samuel J. Dechter

Harsh S. Desai*

Michael A. Elliott*

Jeffrey A. Favorite*

James A. Fici

Pareez Golub

K. Brad Gooden*

Charles L. Heck

Robert William Hess*

Greg H. Hobson*

Scott Holstad

James A. Hultz

Eric Alan Jackson

Rodney W. Johnson*

Dale Klein*

Dale E. Knutson*

William R. Kohlroser*

Jay S. Lan*

Richard C. Lanza*

David R. Lawson*

Ellen Marie Leonard

Robert C. Little

Eric P. Loewen

Michael M. Mann*

Steve McInnis

Marc D. Miller

William A. Monti

Steven P. Nesbit*

Steve J. Newing*

David L. Norris

Robert F. Penn, Jr.

Supathorn Phongikaroon*

W. David Pointer

Marvin Raber*

Nancy Ranek

Nancy L. Ranek

Ross Christopher Robinson

James W. Rowland

Sagid Salah

Kenneth R. Schultz

Howard C. Shaffer, III*

Mike S. Singh*

David Stahl

Michael V. Stimac

Howell W. Stroup, Jr.

Dion J. Sunderland

Joseph W. Talnagi*

Roger W. Tilbrook

Marcus H. Voth

Tim D. Welch

Thomas G. Williamson

Supporters — Up to $99

Catherine Marks Alexander

Scott Altmayer

Frederick D. Benton

Jason Caldwell

Chris Jaeckel Copeland

Fiona Desplats

Mitchell T. Farmer

Drew M. Glenna

Andrew R. Griffith

Martin L. Grossbeck

David J. Grover

Mark Naughton, in memory of William F. Naughton

Mikko Ville Ollila

Earl M. Page

Cecil V. Parks

Charles C. Peterson

Albert B. Reynolds

Clayton S. Saunders

Loren C. Schmid

Alex Spector

Takanori TANAKA

Garry R. Thomas

Gokul Vasudevamurthy

Michael K. Yates

2021 Local and Student Section Challenge Honor Roll

Individual Gifts


Dallas M. Moser

Ray A. Rothrock

Thank you to more than 300 additional individuals who donated up to $99.

2021 Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information Honor Roll

Thank you to the following donors whose contributions support the Center’s education and outreach efforts that inform, engage, and inspire audiences across the country, including educators, students and the public.

Corporate Gifts


NAC International

Thank you to the additional corporations that donated up to $999.

Individual Gifts


Jay Langhurst

Ray A. Rothrock


Thank you to more than 300 additional individuals who donated up to $99.

2021 Scholarships and NEED Honor Roll

2021 Scholarships Honor Roll

Thank you to the following donors whose contributions help provide the financial resources needed for undergraduate and graduate students to begin or continue their academic studies within a variety of nuclear fields.

Individual Gifts


Mark W. Noakes


Ray A. Rothrock

Gokul Vasudevamurthy

Robert Joseph Zerr

Thank you to more than 300 additional individuals who donated up to $99.

2021 NEED Honor Roll

Thank you to the following donors whose contributions help provide the financial resources needed for undergraduate and graduate students to begin or continue their academic studies within a variety of nuclear fields.

2021 Annual Fund Honor Roll

Thank you to the following donors whose contributions to ANS help support the annual operations of the Society, furthering our mission and important work.

Individual Gifts

Thank you to the individuals who donated up to $99.

2021 Giving Tuesday Honor Roll

2021 Corporate Matching Honor Roll

Thank you to the following companies that have matched their employees’ contributions to ANS in support of the Society’s work.

Corporate Gifts

Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation

Duke Energy Foundation

GE Foundation

Organization Gifts

Benevity Fund

Bright Funds

Legacy Circle Honor Roll

Thank you to the following donors for their lead support, honoring their commitment to ANS and to the nuclear field while helping to ensure the Society continues to advance nuclear science and technology.

President's Circle

William T. Sha — $20,000

With his lead Legacy Circle gift, William T. Sha continues his longstanding commitment to ANS. William joined the Society in 1964 and in 1984, he became an ANS Fellow, one of our highest honors. According to the Fellow nominating committee, William has “a distinguished record of achievement as the original thinker… of codes representing a quantum jump for advancing understanding of very complex physical processes.” Read more...

Individual Gifts

Robert D. Busch

Yoon I. Chang

ANS Fellow and member since 1972, started his career in the nuclear field at the Nuclear Assurance Corporation in 1971. He joined Argonne National Laboratory in 1974 and has been responsible for leadership of advanced reactor design and fuel cycle technology development activities in position of increasing responsibility including Read more...

Eugene N. Cramer

An ANS member for nearly 60 years, Eugene Cramer founded the Emergency Communications Center for the San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station.

H. L. (Lee) Dodds, in honor of Pietro F. Pasqua

Still finding time to educate college students about nuclear energy, longtime ANS member H.L. (Lee) Dodds takes pride in guiding his students onto prosperous careers. Read more...

Vincent J. Esposito, in honor of R.A. Dannels

A 50-year member of ANS, Vincent J. Esposito has served on the Society’s committees and divisions, and spent a year as the ANS Congressional Fellow. Read more...

Charles Forsberg

Eugene S. Grecheck

Kenneth Hukari

Kenneth G. Hukari

Sushil C. Jain

Hugh Kendrick, in honor of J.R. (Bob) Beyster

Longtime ANS member Hugh Kendrick impacted the nuclear field with his contributions to nuclear materials safeguards and nuclear nonproliferation, thanks to the mentor he honors with his gift, J.R. (Bob) Beyster. Read more...

Andrew C. Klein

Dr. Klein is a professor in the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering at Oregon State University and serves on the Board of Directors for the American Nuclear Society. He has been a member of the faculty at Oregon State University since 1985. Read more...

Jacob M. Kulangara

Warren F. Miller, Jr.

Tom and Joan Mistler, in honor of William Kimel

Joining ANS in the early 1960s, Thomas Mistler spent his career at Westinghouse Electric Company where he helped lead innovation, global expansion, government relations, and customer service. Read more...

William L. Myers

Mark W. Noakes

Kevin R. O'Kula

Michael Z. Podowski

An ANS Fellow, Dr. Podowski's research and educational efforts have always been on promoting critical thinking to maximize scientific evidence behind any proposed new solutions in all areas of his interest. Read more...

John W. Poston, Sr.

Lifetime member John W. Poston, Sr. has been part of the ANS family for more than 40 years. Read more...

D. V. Rao

A. Edward Scherer

An honorary life member, A. Edward Scherer has been an ANS member for more than 50 years. He is a participant of the Society’s Nuclear Installations Safety and Operations & Power professional divisions.

Natalie Ann Yonker


Anonymous, in honor of Gerald P. Stone


2021 ANS Future Fund Honor Roll

* Donation was made in the previous calendar year.