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ANS Change Plan 2020

November 2019 Update 

Thank you to the many ANS members and stakeholders who provided very valuable feedback by submitting comments, participating on conference calls, and for taking part in one-on-one conversations. ANS Change Plan 2020 has been updated to include your feedback and will be presented to the Board of Directors for review next week.

The ANS Board of Directors will review the plan during its November meeting. Once the Board finalizes the plan, the Implementation Teams comprised of staff and member leaders will begin implementing them. The goal is to have the implementation process completed by the end of 2020 unless there are highly compelling reasons for an extension in some areas.

We are excited about Change Plan 2020 and its potential to improve ANS.

Thank you for your contributions to nuclear and your ANS membership.

ANS 2020 Change Plan Objectives

Advocacy and Fundraising

ANS advocacy activities attract increasing amounts of philanthropic support

Commercial Publications

Commercial Publications redesigned to communicate industry and technical information of value (while minimizing cost)


ANS internal communications to members are effective (and efficient)

Constituent unit interactions and communications with/to “the world” are aligned with each other and ANS National

Congressional Fellow Program

Congressional Fellow Program establishes ANS as go-to and influential asset for policymakers


Significant spending decisions align with society priorities

Increased speed for good ideas to be funded and implemented

Improved efficiency in student support

Improved efficiency and flexibility in scholarship administration


The Board of Directors and Officers are effective as strategic leaders and stewards of the Society

ANS governance is more effective

ANS committee structure is more simple, efficient, and effective

ANS Staff is more influential and accountable


Topical Meetings redesigned to attract / reach more members, reduce financial risk, and improve finances

Content of national meetings redesigned to provide increased value to more members

Logistics of national meetings redesigned to reduce financial risk/variance


Organization membership program is utilized as a strategic vehicle to expand membership and strengthen ANS

Meetings are used to convert more non-ANS member attendees to ANS members.

Increased reliability and amount of revenue through member dues

Organizational Unity (“1ANS”)

Unity, community, and alignment among members at every level and each constituent unit of ANS

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