Sponsoring Organization or Individual

Jointly sponsored by FCWMD, RPD, ETWDD, Idaho Local Section, the ANS Executive Committee, and the Lineberry Family (Gregory, Bonnie, Doug, and Laura Lineberry).

Selection Process

A selection committee will consist of the current chairs and vice-chairs of FCWMD, RPD, and ETWDD.

Academic Level

Graduate (Masters or Ph.D.)


1 awarded even years only @ $3,000/each

Special Selection Criteria, Restrictions, and Other Special Requirements (If Any)

  • Approved for Ph.D. candidacy preferred.
  • The recipient criteria is based on any Ph.D. candidate displaying the ability to advance the technology associated with the enhancements of advanced reactors and/or improvements in the nuclear fuel cycle.
  • Must be an ANS student member.


February 1

Apply for Scholarship

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