Sponsoring Organization or Individual

Accelerator Applications Division (AAD)

Selection Process

A selection committee will be established by the Accelerator Applications Division.

Academic Level

Undergraduate – Junior and Senior


1 awarded annually @ $2,000/each

  • $1000 to be awarded for Junior year
  • $1000 to be awarded for Senior year

Total award is $2000 over a two-year period

Special Selection Criteria, Restrictions, and Other Special Requirements (If Any)

The student must demonstrate, through transcripts, satisfactory progress toward the completion of his or her degree to receive the second-year award.

1. The AAD Scholarship Selection Committee will select the scholarship recipient.

2. The award criteria are:

  • Academic Performance
  • Two references from faculty or mentor required for the application.
  • A summary of accomplishments that includes honors, awards, professional work activities, and special interest activities.
  • A description of long-term and short-term professional objectives. Research interests aligned with the AA Division’s topical areas will be given greater weight.

3. Additional considerations will be given to those candidates who:

  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Are members of an underrepresented class (female/minority).
  • Have a record of service to ANS.


February 1

Apply for Scholarship

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