The U.S. Nuclear R&D Imperative

A task force commissioned by the American Nuclear Society (ANS) issued an assessment of U.S. nuclear energy research and development funding needs for the 2020s. The study is a prospectus for appropriators as Congress and the Biden administration consider ways to support and expand America’s largest carbon-free energy technology, nuclear energy.

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ANS Special Committee on Advanced Reactor Policy

The Special Committee on Advanced Reactor Policy (SCARP) was organized in 2018 by then ANS President John Kelly to survey existing advanced reactor-related legislation and policy proposals in order to develop integrated policy-related recommendations. In examining current federal policies in law, regulation, public pronouncement and practice, the Special Committee developed an eight-page report aimed at accelerating the deployment of advanced reactors in the U.S. and abroad that best represent the consensus position of the U.S. nuclear community.

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Last modified March 23, 2022, 4:40pm CDT