Experimental Breeder Reactor I: A retrospective

In the not-so-distant 20th century past, our planet was in an uncertain new-world order. The second of two major wars had dramatically reshaped the landscape of the world's nations. It was not by any means assured that the extraordinary nuclear process of fission, which itself had been discovered mere years before the second war's end, would be successfully utilized for anything but the tremendous and frightening powers realized in thermonuclear warheads. In the years following, a humble project materializing out of the National Reactor Testing Station in Idaho was to challenge that assertion and demonstrate that nuclear fission could indeed be a commercial, peaceful source of electrical power for civilizations around the globe.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Show Engineering Love During EWeek, February 17-23

Listen: ANS Member Dr. Christopher Morrison on Space Radiation & More

TheSpaceShowANS member Dr. Christopher Morrison was a recent guest on The Space Show. Dr. Morrison covered space radiation, lifetime radiation limitations, legal limits, rodent GCR and radiation experimentation, terrestrial radiation simulations, space nuclear power & propulsion, super-cooling conductivity.

Navigating Nuclear with Bob Fine and Dr. Eric Loewen

Graduate Student Members Awarded Automatic Membership in ANS Young Members Group

For too long, graduate students have been inadvertently marginalized due to a lack of status recognition in the American Nuclear Society, but those days are now past. The ANS Board of Directors has unanimously approved the joint Student Sections Committee (SSC)/Young Members Group (YMG) proposal to offer free YMG membership to graduate students. This is a great day for all Young Members, regardless of whether they're still in graduate school or not.

Social Exchange Theory and ANS YMG Awards: How Nominating Your Colleagues Leads to Fun and Profit

Social exchange theory is a foundational notion in social psychology that posits a rational basis for human relationships. It arose in 1958 based on theoretical foundations in economics, sociology, and psychology. Fundamentally, social exchange theory relies on three propositions [1]:

Dr. Piyush Sabharwall, Recipient of the 2013 ANS Young Member Excellence Award

Young Member Group 200x52The Young Member Excellence Award recognizes "a young member who has demonstrated overall excellence in a variety of areas."  It is granted to an actively involved ANS YMG member who "advances the goals of the ANS Young Members Group, displays outstanding non-technical skills as well as technical or managerial ability, is recognized by others in their field, demonstrates high quality and safety standards, and positively represents nuclear science and technology to the general population."

Prepare to Meet Your Lawmakers – YPC and Capitol Hill Day, Nov 9 & 14

Young Member Group 200x52Two events sponsored by the Young Members Group (YMG) bookend the American Nuclear Society's Winter Meeting, and are traditional highlights for many ANS members. Now that details for participating have been announced, you may find that attending these opportunities are well worth extending your trip-but you'll have to be prepared!

Young Blood at 2013 ANS Annual Meeting

Young Member Group 200x52The needs of the young generation were discussed at length at this year's ANS Annual Meeting. Conversations took place at the Young Members Group meeting, student events, and most notably, the "Young Blood-Integration and Retention of the Next Generation" panel sponsored by the ANS Operations and Power Division (OPD), organized by Gale Hauck. This panel included nearly a dozen young members in academia, the U.S. national laboratories, and the private sector who shared a number of their unique experiences and needs as new faces in the nuclear field.

Waste Management Conference expands efforts to attract young nuclear professionals

YMGGroups such as the ANS Young Members Group and the North American Young Generation in Nuclear, which empower a new generation of nuclear students and professionals, were recently joined by a small new sister organization, the WMS Next Generation Leadership Committee. The new organization was born during an informal meeting in February between organization leaders and young participants at the Waste Management Conference (presented by Waste Management Symposia [WMS] in Phoenix, Arizona).

Rising Stars in Nuclear Science and Engineering Symposium

Recently I had the honor of joining the "Rising Stars in Nuclear Science and Engineering Symposium" at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was a unique symposium, inviting a dozen Ph.D. candidates and early postdoctoral fellows to showcase their research, and to engage in rich discussions of early career strategies and challenges with exceptional researchers in the field.