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Supplier Profile

Frham Safety Products, Inc.

P.O. Box 36098

171 Grayson Rd.

Rock Hill, SC 29732

Air-Conditioning & Ventilation Equipment:

Cabinets & Panels, Instrument

Cable Ties

Cable Wrap, Separation, Fire-Resistant

Cleaning Equipment:

Clothing, Protective, Anti-Contamination:

Clothing, Protective, Other Than Anti-Contamination:


Communication Systems:

Drum Locking Devices

Emergency Response Equipment:

Environmental Monitoring Equipment

Environmental Monitoring Services

Fall Protection Equipment & Devices, Construction & Maintenance


Gloveboxes & Accessories:

Health Physics Equipment & Supplies:

Health Physics Equipment & Supplies, Disposable/Soluble:

Lights, Lighting:

Markers, Identification

Markers, Pipe

Radioactive Waste Handling & Treatment Equipment:

Respiratory Protection Equipment:

Samplers & Sampling Systems:

Shielding Materials, Radiation:


Tags & Labels (Warning, Inventory, etc.)


Wipers, Wiping Cloths: