Friday Nuclear Matinee 3/22: STURGIS Construction Report


Since we published the report on the completion of the dismantling of the STURGIS yesterday, this video seems appropriate.  Today, we have a 23 minute film produced by Martin-Marietta (the nuclear contractor for the project) on the completion of the STURGIS project.  This is one of the most fascinating historic nuclear films you'll see - so don't miss it!

ANS Friday Nuclear Matinee 2/1: Vogtle Timeline Update


Our latest ANS Nuclear Cafe Matinee film is the latest video update by Southern Company on the progress of the Vogtle nuclear plant expansion.  This video runs just over seven minutes and brings you the details of the construction as of the last quarter of 2018.  Enjoy!

Listen: ANS Member Dr. Christopher Morrison on Space Radiation & More

TheSpaceShowANS member Dr. Christopher Morrison was a recent guest on The Space Show. Dr. Morrison covered space radiation, lifetime radiation limitations, legal limits, rodent GCR and radiation experimentation, terrestrial radiation simulations, space nuclear power & propulsion, super-cooling conductivity.

Nuclear Technology in Space - National Nuclear Science Week 2018

Did you know that nuclear technology has been used in space almost since the beginning of human exploration in space?  That's right - nuclear energy has been used to power science experiments, satellites, and space probes.  It may even be used someday to propel vessels with people on board to other planets.  Let's take a look at three basic kinds of nuclear space technology!

National Nuclear Science Week 2018 Kicks Off

Bob Coward Asks ANS to Refocus and Achieve


ANS President Bob Coward

If you walked around the palatial Philadelphia venue of the 2018 American Nuclear Society Annual Meeting and bumped into outgoing ANS President Bob Coward or, for that matter, attended one of a number of sessions there, you might have heard him quote exactly, to the hour, how much time he had left as the ANS President.  Not that he was eager to leave - in fact, it seemed as if Coward was marking how much time he had left to continue to make an impact.

ANS Friday Nuclear Matinee Presents TEDx Talk by ANS member Doug Hardtmayer


Watch ANS Social Media Team member Douglas E. Hardtmayer talk about his hopes for the future of nuclear.

ANS member and Social Media Team member Douglas E. Hardtmayer is a nuclear engineer and host of the RadioNuclear podcast. Watch his TEDx talk as he discusses his hopes to change some of the most common misconceptions about nuclear energy and technology, and makes the case for it being a vital key in sustaining the future prosperity of mankind. Currently, Hardtmayer is a grad student studying nuclear engineering at The Ohio State University.