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Dr. Kuhika Gupta
Univ. of Oklahoma

Sustainable solutions for long-term management and eventual disposal of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste depend on the interplay among the social, political, and technical realms. The goal of this panel is to discover constructive ways in which social scientists and technical staff can work together to advance solutions that address all aspects of the problem in a collaborative manner. The discussion will highlight the history of interactions between social scientists and technical staff in the context of past disposal programs in the US; what roles different engineering, physical science, and social science disciplines have played and can play; and how to address emerging priorities like environmental justice.


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Dr. Sharlissa Moore
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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Dr. Hank C. Jenkins-Smith
Univ. of Oklahoma

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Dr. Evaristo J. “Tito” Bonano
NAC International, Inc.

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Dr. Monica C Regalbuto
Idaho National Laboratory

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Dr. Aditi Verma
Univ. of Michigan


  • Dr. Kuhika Gupta (Moderator) (Univ. of Oklahoma)
  • Dr. Hank Jenkins-Smith (Univ. of Oklahoma)
  • Dr. Evaristo J. (Tito) Bonano (NAC International)
  • Dr. Monica Regalbuto (INL)
  • Dr. Aditi Verma (Univ. of Michigan)
  • Dr. Sharlissa Moore (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)


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