UNF-ST&DARDS is being developed to provide the ability to perform automated analysis of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) storage, transportation, and disposal systems. UNF-ST&DARDS provides a database for storing and preserving SNF data and streamlines various analyses using the data from the database for time-dependent characterization of SNF and related systems (e.g., dry storage system). UNF-ST&DARDS allows for modelling the variation of cask payload burnup, enrichments, and cooling times through a flexible GUI. This tutorial will include 1) discussions on various data need for realistic SNF characterizations and demonstration of the data import processes in UNF-ST&DARDS, 2) assembly-specific, time-dependent depletion and decay analyses, 3) as-loaded (using actual cask loading maps) criticality and shielding analyses of currently loaded casks for storage, transportation, and disposal (over disposal time periods), 4) discussion of as-loaded analyses to support licensing/certification of dry SNF systems, 5) misload analysis methodology to support as-loaded criticality analysis, 6) design-basis criticality and shielding analyses using user-defined loading patterns and fuel assembly types, and 7) dry storage loading optimization using UNF-ST&DARDS. The tutorial/demonstration is open to all registered meeting attendees who signed up at the time of registration. Attendees have no requirements to watch the demonstration, however, an RSICC license for UNF-ST&DARDS and SCALE is necessary if they would like to follow along.


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