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Brine Availability Test in Salt 2.0

Philip Stauffer (LANL), Kristopher Kuhlman (Sandia), Jonny Rutqvist (LBNL), Hakim Boukhalfa (LANL), Michelle Bourret (LANL), Charles Coens (Sandia), Eric Guiltinan (LANL), Courtney Herrick (Sandia), Rick Jayne (Sandia), Melissa Mills (LANL), Martin Nemer (Sandia), Shawn Otto (LANL), Thom Rahn (LANL), Yuxin Wu (LBNL)

Investigating the Coupled Thermal-Hydrological-Mechanical Behavior of Salt for Nuclear Waste Disposal Through Resistivity Monitoring and Laboratory Experiments

Sebastian Uhlemann (LBNL), Christine Downs (Sandia), Jiannan Wang (LBNL), Shawn Otto (LANL), Kristopher Kuhlmann (Sandia), Yuxin Wu (LBNL)

Using Stable Isotopes in Water to Trace Brine Mobilization at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Daniel L. Eldridge (LANL), Hayden B.D. Miller (LANL), Thom Rahn (LANL), Eric J. Guiltinan (LANL), Shawn Otto (LANL), Kristopher Kuhlman (Sandia), Philip H. Stauffer (LANL)

Brine Availability Test in Salt: Collaborative Modeling Within DECOVALEX

Eric Guiltinan (LANL), Jerone Bartol (Centrale Organisatie Voor Radioactief Afval), Steven Benbow (Quintessa), Michelle Bourret (LANL), Oliver Czaikowski (Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit), Kyra Jantschik (Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit), Rick Jayne (Sandia), Kristopher Kuhlman (Sandia), Simon Norris (Nuclear Waste Services), Jonny Rutqvist (LBNL), Hua Shao (Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe), Hafssa Tounsi (LBNL), Claire Watson (Quintessa), Philip Stauffer (LANL)

Analyzing Field Data from the Brine Availability Test in Salt (BATS): A High-Resolution 3D Numerical Comparison Between Voronoi and Cartesian Meshing

Richard S. Jayne (Sandia), Kristopher L. Kuhlman (Sandia)

Near-Field Coupled Processes in Salt-Based Disposal Facilities -- Learning from Modelling in DECOVALEX 2023

Steven Benbow (Quintessa), Claire Watson (Quintessa), Alex Bond (Quintessa), Simon Norris (Nuclear Waste Services), Sam Parsons (Nuclear Waste Services)


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