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Measurement of Aerosol Transmission Through a Stress Corrosion Crack-Like Geometry

1:00–1:20PM MST

Samuel G. Durbin (Sandia), Ramon M. Pulido (Sandia), Philip Jones (Sandia), Adrian Perales (Sandia)

Applications of a New Probability Methodology for Corrosion Propagation Rate with Confidence Bounds for Dry Storage Canister Safety

1:20–1:40PM MST

Zeev Shayer (Univ. New Mexico), Joshua Hoskinson (Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO 80401), William Navidi (Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO 80401)

Environmental Impacts on Thermal Performance of Spent Fuel Storage Systems

1:40–2:00PM MST

David J. Richmond (PNNL), Ben J. Jensen (PNNL)

Developments into Understanding Spent Nuclear Fuel Canister Surface Environment

2:00–2:20PM MST

Andrew Knight (Sandia), Ryan Katona (Sandia), Makeila Maguire (Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico State University), Brendan Nation (Sandia), Jason Taylor (Sandia), Rebecca F. Schaller (Sandia), Charles Bryan (Sandia)

Towards Structural Integrity Investigations of Spent Nuclear Fuel Assemblies with Finite Element Analysis

2:20–2:40PM MST

Efstathios Vlassopoulos (Nagra), Olympios Alifieris (Nagra), Dimitrios Papaioannou (European Commission, JRC), Ramil Nasyrow (European Commission, JRC), Vincenzo V. Rondinella (EC Joint Research Centre), Stefano Caruso (Gösgen-Däniken Nuclear Power Plant), Susanne Pudollek (Nagra), Michail Hadjigeorgiou (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne)


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