Panelists will present the experimental capabilities of test facilities that can be used to support the development of new reactor concepts and designs. These facilities will have the ability to generate high-quality data that can be used for system and computational fluid dynamic code validation. Such data can support safety analyses and reduce uncertainty, especially for thermal hydraulic phenomena of interest, enhance our technical understanding, and fill in technical gaps. The panelists will also provide information on the current status and on future testing that is being planned. The presentations include: Thermal Hydraulic Testing Facilities for Lead Fast Reactor Development; Developing Nuclear Technology through Design-Build-Test; High Pressure/High Temperature Helium Flow Test Facility at City College of New York; and Combined Positron Emission Particle Tracking/CT Experimental Capabilities for Nuclear Engineering Applications.


  • Jun Liao (Westinghouse Electric Co.)
  • Seth Cadell (Kairos Power)
  • Masahiro Kawaji (City College of New York)
  • Lane Carasik (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.)


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