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Improved Data Analysis Method for Exhaust Tunnel LiDAR Inspection Data

3:15–3:35PM MST

William Willie Wells (SRNL), Jean R. Plummer (SRNL), Nickolas A. Trisnadi (SRNL), Jane M. Carter (Savannah River Nuclear Solutions), Saiying Z. Bowers (Savannah River Nuclear Solutions)

Robot-Assisted Online Monitoring and Online Maintenance for Nuclear Power Plants

3:35–3:55PM MST

Fan Zhang (Georgia Tech)

Augmented-Reality Telerobotics with HoloLens

3:55–4:15PM MST

Frank Regal (Univ. Texas, Austin), Young Soo Park (ANL), Mitchell Pryor (Univ. Texas, Austin)

Development and Testing of DOE-EM Laterial Gamma Scanner

4:15–4:35PM MST

Sebastian Story (Florida Int'l Univ.), Josue Estrada (Florida Int'l Univ.), Jeff Natividad (Florida Int'l Univ.), Douglas Reid (Florida Int'l Univ.), Kayle Boomer (Florida Int'l Univ.), Anthony Abrahao (Florida Int'l Univ.), Dwayne McDaniel (Florida Int'l Univ.), Leonel Lagos (Florida Int'l Univ.), Mackenson Telusma (Florida Int'l Univ.)

Autonomous Alpha Radiation Survey Using Mobile Robotic Platforms

4:35–4:55PM MST

Alex Navarro (Univ. Texas, Austin), Kevin Torres (Univ. Texas, Austin), Caleb Hatler (LANL), Mary Tebben (Univ. Texas, Austin), Janak Panthi (Univ. Texas, Austin), Daniel I. Meza (Univ. Texas, Austin), Mitch Pryor (Univ. Texas, Austin)

Design for Safeguards and Safety: Nuclear Fuel Element Inspection Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle

4:55–5:15PM MST

Bahram Nassersharif (Univ. Rhode Island), Jacob Glantz (Univ. Rhode Island), Felicity Griffin (Univ. Rhode Island), Paulina Loredo (Univ. Rhode Island), Emmett Nguyen (Univ. Rhode Island), Ryan Wiz (Univ. Rhode Island), Cameron Goodwin (Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center)

Presented by Jacqueline Schings (Univ. Rhode Island)


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