With increased high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities, multiphysics codes for reactor applications can be powerful in simulating complex reactor behavior for advanced reactors and the current fleet of light water reactors. There are many advantages to simulating reactor behavior with multiphysics codes, and they can aid in the design and licensing of reactor concepts. However, there are challenges to coupling codes simulating various physical phenomena including working with different time scales, meshes, units etc. which will be discussed. In addition, the panel discussions will include additional issues such as verification and validation of multiphysics codes and software usability by analysts who are not subject matter experts in all physical phenomena being simulated.


  • Benjamin Collins (Univ. Texas, Austin)
  • David Griesheimer (Naval Nuclear Laboratory)
  • Derek Gaston (INL)
  • Emily Shemon (ANL)
  • Steven Hamilton (ORNL)


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