The purpose of the DOE MARVEL project is to develop, in an accelerated timeline, a nuclear microreactor applications test bed at INL to perform research and development on various operational features of microreactors to ultimately prove and improve the integration of microreactors to end-user applications. Through the DOE Microreactor Program, the development of this nuclear testbed provides an opportunity to establish and exercise key capabilities that support future reactor demonstrations by (1) providing an early-stage platform for potential end users of microreactor systems, (2) deploying the first small-scale R&D reactor in ~50 years to support new capability development, (3) facilitating outreach activity with stakeholders interested in novel nuclear energy applications (e.g., hydrogen production, process heating, water purifications), and (4) investigating and addressing issues relating to fabrication, assembly, rapid installation, deployment, and operation of microreactors. The panel will share details of the MARVEL Technology with the scientific community on various technical topics, including neutronics, thermal hydraulics, reactivity control, safety basis


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MARVEL Test Microreactor Reference Design

10:00–10:20AM MST

Yasir Arafat (INL), Travis Lange (INL), Carlo Parisi (INL), Anthony Crawford (INL), Benjamin Baker (INL), Paul Plachinda (INL), James Parry (INL), Holly Trellue (LANL), Luke Andrew (Walsh Engineering Services), Kyle Francis (Walsh Engineering Services), Tarrin Fundeberg (Walsh Engineering Services)

MARVEL Core Design and Neutronic Characteristics

10:20–10:40AM MST

Travis Lange (INL), Adrian Wagner (INL), Carlo Parisi (INL), Yasir Arafat (INL)

Safety Design Strategy for the Microreactor Applications Research Validation and Evaluation (MARVEL) Project

10:40–11:00AM MST

Douglas Gerstner (INL), Yasir Arafat (INL), Jason Andrus (INL), James Parry (INL)

Mass Production of Microreactors: A Look at Potential Scenarios and Fabrication Facility Requirements

11:00–11:20AM MST

Chandrakanth Bolisetti (INL), Abdalla Abou-Jaoude (INL), Yasir Arafat (INL), Jason Christensen (INL), Alex Huning (ORNL), Andrew Foss (INL)

MARVEL Thermal-Hydraulics: Normal and Accidental Conditions

11:20–11:40AM MST

Carlo Parisi (INL), Y. Arafat (INL)


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