With recent federal initiatives and nuclear power plant demonstration projects in the U.S., the creation of networks of hydrogen producers, consumers, and regional infrastructure to accelerate use of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier is gaining momentum. While early progress continues to be made in the first set of demonstration opportunities, challenges remain before the commercial projects demonstrate viability and scalability while maintaining safety. This panel session will feature perspectives and insights from nuclear hydrogen strategic lead planners and risk, reliability and safety subject matter experts from national laboratories. Some of the themes to be explored in the panel will be: (1) Considerations in selecting the hydrogen production technological approach (e.g., low-temperature vs. high-temperature electrolysis); (2) Anticipated hydrogen applications; (3) Early planning and demonstration objectives; (4) Insights from probabilistic safety, consequence and resilience studies of integrated energy systems; (5) Regulatory considerations; (6) Scalability of demonstration projects; (7) Storage, delivery, and infrastructure planning; (8) H2Hub regional participation; and (9) The Hydrogen Path Forward - Expectations and milestones over the next five years.


  • Patrick B. Burke, Vice President, Nuclear Strategy (Xcel Energy)
  • Austin M. Glover, Principal Risk Analyst (Sandia National Laboratories)
  • Curtis L. Smith, Director, Nuclear Safety & Regulatory Research (INL)
  • Amgad Elgowainy, Electrification & Infrastructure Group Leader (ANL)


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