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Cyber-Secure Network Architecture for Nuclear Power Plants

3:15–3:35PM MST

David Arnold (Illinois Institute of Technology), Jafar Saniie (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Deconvolving of Strain from Fiber Optic Sensor Measurements at Elevated Temperatures

3:35–3:55PM MST

Alastair B. Luna (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison), Mark Anderson (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison), Michael Corradini (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison)

Development of a Quantum-Based Cyber-Physical Testbed for Secure Communications in Nuclear Reactor Environments

3:55–4:15PM MST

Vasileios Theos (Purdue), Konstantinos Gkouliaras (Purdue), True Miller (Purdue), Brian Jowers (Purdue), Ryan Smith (Purdue), Stylianos Chatzidakis (Purdue)

Developing a High-Fidelity Benchmark of the AGN-201M Under NEUP 21-24360

4:15–4:35PM MST

Rowdy Davis (Univ. New Mexico), Christopher M. Perfetti (Univ. New Mexico), Forrest B. Brown (Univ. New Mexico), Robert D. Busch (Univ. New Mexico), Carl Willis (Univ. New Mexico), Larry L. Wetzel (LL Wetzel), Shawn J. Henderson (Sandia)

Integral Benchmark Evaluation of Zero-Power Tests and Multi-Cycle Depletion Experimental Data of TVA WB1 Cycles 1-3

4:35–4:55PM MST

T. Albagami (NCSU), P. Rouxelin (NCSU), S. Palmtag (NCSU), M. Avramova (NCSU), K. Ivanov (NCSU)

Utilizing Long Short Term Memory Networks in an Autoencoder for Anomaly Detection for Thermal Mixing in a Water Loop

4:55–5:15PM MST

Alexandra Akins (NCSU), Alexander Heifetz (ANL)


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