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Electron Beam Processing for Preservation of Photographic and Cinematographic Films

3:10–3:30PM EST

Pablo A. Vasquez Salvador (IPEN), Maria L. Nagai (Nuclear and Energy Research Institute - IPEN), Maria J. Oliveira (Nuclear and Energy Research Institute - IPEN), Larissa Otubo (Nuclear and Energy Research Institute - IPEN)

Electron beam accelerator as a technique for preservation and restoration of some Egyptian cultural heritages

3:30–3:50PM EST

Hassan A. Abd el-rehim (Atomic Energy Authority of Egypt)

Electron beam irradiation of 1,4-dioxane

3:50–4:10PM EST

Xi Li (Old Dominion University), H. Baumgart (Old Dominion University), C. Bott (Hampton Roads Sanitation District), C. Ciovati (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), M. McCaughan (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), F. Hannon (PhaseSpaceTech), R. Pearce (Virginia Tech), M. Poelker (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), H. Vennekate (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), S. Wang (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)

Contribution of PM2.5 Organic and Inorganic Components to Air pollution in Lebanon, source apportionment and Evaluation of Related Health Effects

4:10–4:30PM EST

Mohamad Roumie (Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission, Lebanese CNRS), M. Chiari (LABEC, INFN, Florence-Italy), I. Abbas (Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission), A. Srour (Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission)

Online Applications and Machine Learning for Particle Accelerators

4:30–4:50PM EST

D.L. Bruhwiler (RadiaSoft LLC), J.P. Edelen (RadiaSoft LLC), D.T. Abell (RadiaSoft LLC), E. Carlin (RadiaSoft LLC), S. Coleman (RadiaSoft LLC), N.M. Cook (RadiaSoft LLC), C.C. Hall (RadiaSoft LLC), M. Keilman (RadiaSoft LLC), P. Moeller (RadiaSoft LLC), R. Nagler (RadiaSoft LLC), B. Nash (RadiaSoft LLC), I.V. Pogorelov (RadiaSoft LLC), S.D. Webb (RadiaSoft LLC)

Neutronics Calculations for the Common Shielding Project at ESS

4:50–5:10PM EST

Valentina Santoro (European Spallation Source ), Tamás Bozsó (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary), Anton Khaplanov (European Spallation Source), Rodion Kolevatov (Institute for Energy Technology, Kjeller, Norway), Octavio Gonzalez (ESS-BILBAO), Florian Gruenauer (Physics Consulting, Zorneding, Germany), Tsitohaina Randriamalala (Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, Germany), Török Szabina (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary), K. H. Andersen (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge), Miguel Magan (ESS-BILBAO, 48160 Derio, Spain)

Neutronics Studies of the ESS Fundamental Physics Beamline ANNI

5:10–5:30PM EST

Blahoslav Rataj (The European Spallation Source), Günter Muhrer (The European Spallation Source), Valentina Santoro (The European Spallation Source), David Milstead (Stockholm University)


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