Radioactive waste management programs worldwide are becoming increasingly comprehensive culminating in a final disposal of the radioactive waste. The maturation of various of the activities leading to such radioactive waste management allows nowadays to address the questions on how to optimize the overall process towards a performant radioactive waste management. Pre-disposal management is hereby key given that it encompasses not only a long time-span between generation of the materials that may become, later-on, totally or partly declared as radioactive waste as well as presenting multiple synergies between various materials/waste process. It is also increasingly allowing for optimization in view of multiple criteria as there are environmental, technical, safety/security/safeguards, regulatory, socio-political, and economic. This panel session will present key elements for such holistic pre-disposal management as essential and strategic domain to optimize the sustainability performance of nuclear energy. These elements will be addressed by three international experts on these matters, i.e.: • Rebecca Tadesse (OECD-NEA) • Anders Sjöland (SKB, Sweden) • Cécile Evans (ORANO, France) Luc Van Den Durpel (Nuclear-21) will moderate this panel-session with Christian Leggett co-chairing.


  • Rebecca Tadesse (Nuclear Energy Agency)
  • Anders Sjoland (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB))
  • Cecile Evans (ORANO)
  • Luc VAN DEN DURPEL (Nuclear-21)

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