Since nuclear power is a key solution to meeting CO2 goals, utilities are pursuing subsequent license renewal of the existing fleet of light water reactors to meet the future demand up to 80 years and beyond. With the increasing pressure to be more efficient and reliable, nuclear utilities are looking towards replacement of aging analog infrastructure and controls. While utilities have been performing digital upgrades for many years, it has been done on an ad hoc, project-by-project basis. The full ROI can be obtained through an integrated strategy that combines elements of standardization, strategic grouping of projects, integration of the projects with business processes to track and control reliability, strategic support options, data digitalization and distribution, maintenance optimization, and an eye towards life extension to 100 years. This panel will have several utility and industry experts to discuss Utility Digital Transformation Strategies that have evolved in the past few years.


  • Pareez Golub (Sargent & Lundy)
  • Eric Wiens (TVA)
  • Clayton Crouch (Dominion Energy)
  • Raymond L. Herb (Southern Nuclear)
  • Robert Austin (EPRI)


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