Since nuclear power is a key solution to meeting CO2 goals, utilities are pursuing subsequent license renewal of the existing fleet of light water reactors to meet the future demand up to 80 years and beyond. To support the extended life of the plant and address obsolete analog controls, most utilities are installing digital controls. Often ignored in these plans are the Main Control Rooms (MCRs), which will also need to be modernized. This is currently accomplished through piecemeal upgrade projects that occasionally add digital Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) to the MCR. MCR modernization is best addressed as an integrated strategy to design the new HMIs in a standard, holistic manner supporting high quality operations. Additionally, the MCRs must address the next generation of operators and take full advantage of the digital systems capabilities to reduce operational risk through an evolving concept of operations. This panel will present the plans from several large utilities and industry HFE experts including aspects of strategic planning, evolving concepts of operations, HFE program development and licensing of those new digital main control rooms.


  • Pareez Golub (Sargent & Lundy)
  • Scott Schumacher (Constellation Energy)
  • Richard Paese (Sargent & Lundy)
  • Brian Green (NRC)
  • Raymond Herb (Southern Nuclear)


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