The risk from accidents and hazards at a nuclear facility can be quantified by using established probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) techniques. This panel aims to discuss 1) If, how, and why these techniques or analogues are, can be, or should be used in risk informed security analysis, 2) Benefits of incorporating the analysis in the design of a facility or reactor, and 3) How probabilistic safety and security analysis are, can be, or should be working together to inform design. Included in this discussion, panelists will address the new and evolving security analysis techniques for the existing fleet to reduce costs and provide improved protection, and how advanced and small modular reactors will integrate security analysis at an earlier stage to build and operate the next generation of nuclear power plants more efficiently. This panel will bring together panelists from a broad spectrum to discuss security by design, safety analysis vs. security analysis, and the 2S (safety and security) by design framework. The panel session will comprise of panelist statements (brief), roundtable discussions, and audience Q&A (time permitting). The focus will be on dynamic interactions instead of presentations.


  • Alex Huning (ORNL)
  • Scott Nelson (ORNL)
  • Dave Grabaskas (ANS)


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