The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is undergoing rulemaking to develop 10 CFR Part 53. Part 53 provides a risk-informed, performance-based regulatory framework, with requirements scaled based on design features and safety margin. The current reactor licensing regulations (Parts 50 and 52) provide deterministic requirements that define the design capabilities required to achieve the desired margin. Any of these licensing pathways provide viable options for advanced nuclear reactors. Compared to Parts 50/52, the differences in Part 53 are dramatic. Part 53 provides frequency and consequence-oriented requirements compared to prescriptive requirements in Parts 50/52. Additionally, Part 53 is technology-inclusive compared to being optimized for a specific technology, has explicit consideration of defense-in-depth compared to operating experience, and includes expanded use of graded equipment compared to conservative assumptions and analyses. NRC staff is listening to all stakeholders regarding the proposed Part 53 rulemaking and has made changes in response to stakeholder feedback. This session will discuss the status of Part 53 and how it could affect stakeholders.


  • Anders Gilbertson (NRC)
  • Hilary Lane (NEI)
  • Adam Stein (Breakthrough Institute)
  • Alex Huning (ORNL)


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