Welcome to our first-ever Virtual Career Fair!

Thank you for joining us for this special two-day event featuring 15 organizations and 25 sessions!

This is a critical time for the nuclear community as we face the uncertainties of tomorrow, but thanks to you and your peers, the future of nuclear continues to brighten. Your generation will have an incredible opportunity to leave a lasting impact on both the technology itself and its contribution to advancing humanity. I'm excited for ANS to be able to provide you the resources and connections you need to make your own personal mark.

I hope you enjoy the Virtual Career Fair and the opportunities you have to network with both your peers and the participating organization that helped make this possible. I encourage you to stay active with ANS beyond this week, including getting involved with the Young Members Group, which proudly put together the event.

Thank you again and best wishes as you enter the next phase of your career!

Craig H. Piercy
ANS Executive Director/CEO

Participating Organizations

For more information, please contact Catherine Prat, ANS Young Members Group Chair, 706-526-1001.