Energy Industry CEO Roundtable: What Role Will Nuclear Play in Meeting 2050 Clean Energy Goals?

The aggressive goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 for the U.S. power sector presents a number of challenges with respect to energy portfolio management that is influenced by numerous factors including regulated versus deregulated energy markets, regional variations in future carbon-free/carbon-neutral energy sources, and economic drivers. Expansion of nuclear energy, which currently provides 55% of carbon-free electricity, has the potential to be a cornerstone of future energy strategies. This panel will discuss the future role of nuclear energy deployment within the context of energy portfolio management and net-zero carbon goals from the viewpoint of US utilities and energy suppliers.

General Chair

Dr Thomas Zacharia

Dr. Thomas Zacharia
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

More Panel Information available soon.

Dr Thomas Zacharia

Jeffrey (Jeff) J. Lyash
President and Chief Executive Officer
Tennessee Valley Authority


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