Opening Plenary Awards


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Mr. Bradley J. Adams

Southern Nuclear Operating Company

In recognition of his outstanding technical leadership in nuclear engineering and plant operations. As Vice President of Engineering at Southern Nuclear, his hard work and vision have produced significant contributions to both nuclear operations and construction. He has become a major industry leader in guiding and addressing the most critical issues facing the long-term health and success of the entire US nuclear fleet.

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Dr. William E. Burchill

Texas A&M University

In recognition of developing one of the earliest complete analyses of the thermal-hydraulic phenomena during the Three Mile Island Unit 2 accident. He improved the models for nuclear power system performance and accident simulation. He upgraded Probabilistic Risk Analysis tools and introduced significant improvements in the application of risk-informed licensing practices.

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Dr. Mark B. Chadwick

Los Alamos National Laboratory

In recognition for his leadership in the U.S. of nuclear cross section evaluations leading to improved simulation performance across the range of nuclear applications; renowned contributions to modeling of plutonium fission; international leadership in nuclear science and technology; and substantial and enduring individual technical contributions to the nuclear enterprise.

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Dr. Stuart A. Maloy, PhD

Los Alamos National Laboratory

In recognition for his outstanding accomplishments and leadership in radiation materials science and engineering. His expertise in microstructural analysis and interpretation of atomic-scale defects on changes to macroscopic-scale properties of metals underpins the development of innovative materials needed for spallation neutron sources, advanced fission and fusion reactors, and other energy applications.

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Dr. Robert P. Martin

BWX Technologies, Inc.

In recognition for his sustained and significant technical contributions to the state-of-the art research in modeling nuclear power plant behavior during design basis and beyond design basis accident scenarios that made it possible to increase efficiencies and power levels at operating nuclear power plants.

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Dr. Kathryn Ann McCarthy

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

In recognition for her outstanding leadership, both nationally and internationally, leading to the advancement of fission reactor systems and fusion technologies.

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Dr. Todd S. Palmer

Oregon State University

In recognition for his sustained contributions to the advancement of methods and algorithms for computational radiation transport impacting critical software assets at the NNSA and nuclear energy national laboratories, and their innovative application in the analysis of high energy density and reactor physics systems.

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Dr. Monica C. Regalbuto

Idaho National Laboratory

In recognition of her exceptional contributions to the nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear waste management mission by developing and demonstrating innovative nuclear energy technologies that have significantly advanced the scientific, engineering, policy, and regulatory aspects of the nuclear enterprise.

Walter H. Zinn Medal

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Dr. Jose N. Reyes, Jr.

NuScale Power

In recognition of revolutionizing 21st century nuclear power with the design of an innovative passively-cooled, USNRC-licensed small modular reactor and by co-founding NuScale Power.

Landis Young Member Engineering Achievement Awards

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Prof. Nicholas R. Brown

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

In recognition of his technical leadership in advancing the safety case for accident tolerant fuel and cladding and in paving the way for licensing of advanced nuclear reactors.

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Dr. Paul K. Romano

Argonne National Laboratory

In recognition of his leadership in advancing the state of the art and breadth of impact of computational nuclear engineering.

Mishima Award

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Prof. Robin W. Grimes

Imperial College London

In recognition for his seminal contributions applying atomistic simulation techniques to predict governing phenomena in nuclear materials including fuel performance and the radiation tolerance of ceramic waste forms.

Special Award for Making Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems a Reality: Going Beyond Promotion Toward Deployment

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Dr. D. V. Rao

Los Alamos National Laboratory

In recognition of advancing small reactor deployment opportunities by designing new space reactors, microreactors, and moderating material for low instead of high enriched uranium fuel.

ANS President’s Special Session Awards

Presidential Citation

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Michael L. Corradini, PE

University of Wisconsin Madison

For over ten years of dedicated leadership and service as an associate editor (2008–present) and as technical editor (2019–2020) at a critical juncture for Nuclear Science and Engineering, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Nuclear Society.

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Alyse S. Huffman

U.S. House of Representatives
Committee on Science,
Space and Technology

For her leadership in getting the Energy Act of 2020 passed and signed into law.

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Deborah Ann Hill

National Nuclear Laboratory

For her leadership in fulfilling the expanded mission of the Professional Divisions Committee as set forth in Change Plan 2020. She has brought diverse Division leadership together to effectively identify and collectively solve problems, to share information and ideas, and to expand lines of communication among Divisions, the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

Leadership Awards

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Dr. Steven A. Arndt

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

In recognition for his exemplary leadership and lifelong dedication to efforts that advanced a wide range of technical and policy initiatives improving nuclear safety standards across the industry.

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Mr. Harsh S. Desai

Nuclear Energy Institute

In recognition for his outstanding leadership and extraordinary contributions to the American Nuclear Society.

Awards Presented Elsewhere

Outgoing President Appreciation

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Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar

President, American Nuclear Society 2020 - 2021

For outstanding leadership and dedication during her term as President of the American Nuclear Society (ANS). During her term, Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar led ANS through unprecedented challenges as the Covid-19 pandemic upended “normal.” She worked tirelessly through the new virtual world to keep the ANS membership involved and engaged in their professional society. She advocated effectively for the value of nuclear technology – “Nuclear is good for you!” - while challenging the Society to consider ideas and perspectives outside the mainstream. For this and other contributions to ANS and the nuclear community it represents we thank Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar for her service.

Henry DeWolf Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award

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Ms. Kristine L. Svinicki

U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission

In recognition of three decades of leadership and service in meeting the clean energy needs of the global community.

Presented by ANS President Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar during the NEI’s Nuclear Energy Assembly in June 2021.

Division-Administered Awards

Ray Goertz Award (RRSD)

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Dr. Mark W. Noakes

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

In recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of robotics and remote systems technology and service to the ANS Robotics and Remote System Division.

Early Career Reactor Physicist Award (RPD)

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Dr. Benjamin R. Betzler

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

For excellence and leadership in applied reactor physics research and development for advanced reactor designs.

Young Member’s Research Achievement Award (MCD)

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Dr. Steven P. Hamilton

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

In recognition of his significant contributions to mathematics and computation in nuclear engineering which are the development of novel transport algorithms and linear and non-linear solvers that have enabled the use of next-generation GPU architectures for production-level, Monte Carlo and deterministic neutronics simulations on HPC systems.

FCWMD Lifetime Achievement Award

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Dr. Terry Todd

Idaho National Laboratory

In recognition of 38 years of demonstrated leadership in chemical separations research in support of nuclear fuel recycle technologies and radioactive waste treatment.

FCWMD Distinguished Service Award

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Mr. Jack D. Law

Idaho National Laboratory

For his unwavering support of FCWMD, including his efforts to support ANS students and early-career researchers in fuel cycle and waste management.

Opening Plenary Awards


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Mr. Bradley J. Adams

Southern Nuclear Operating Company

In recognition of his outstanding technical leadership in nuclear engineering and plant operations. As Vice President of Engineering at Southern Nuclear, his hard work and vision have produced significant contributions to both nuclear operations and construction. He has become a major industry leader in guiding and addressing the most critical issues facing the long-term health and success of the entire US nuclear fleet.

Don Miller Award (HFICD)

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Dr. Ronald L. Boring

Idaho National Laboratory

In recognition for his outstanding contributions to the nuclear industry’s human factors community, especially in the areas of human reliability analysis, system design and evaluation.

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Dr. Rizwan Uddin

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne

In recognition for his leadership in technical training, effective control room and operations design, human factors research, and developing 3-D interactive “environments” for student learning.

H.M. Hashemian Mid-Career Award (HFICD)

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Dr. Sacit M. Cetiner

Idaho National Laboratory &
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In recognition of his outstanding technical contributions to the field of measurement science including instrumentation, control, and data science.

Ted Quinn Early Career Award (HFICD)

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Dr. Fan Zhang

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

In recognition for her contributions to the research and development community for nuclear science and technology with emphasis on instrumentation and control and cyber security requirements and controls.

Arthur Holly Compton Award in Education (ETWDD)

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Dr. Robert D. Busch

University of New Mexico

In recognition for academic excellence in nuclear engineering education and exemplary service in national educational activities supporting professional engineering licensure.

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Dr. Nolan E. Hertel

Georgia Institute of Technology

In recognition for outstanding contributions to education in the field of nuclear engineering in the spirit of Arthur Holly Compton - a scientist, teacher, and national leader.

David Okrent Award for Nuclear Safety (NISD)

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Dr. Katrina M. Groth

University of Maryland

For leading technical contributions to nuclear safety and service to the community through teaching, conference organization, and ANS committee work.

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Dr. Matthew R. Denman

Kairos Power, LLC

For excellent contributions to and leadership in the development of probabilistic risk assessment standards and mechanistic source term technology for existing and advanced reactors.

American Nuclear Society Scholarship Award Recipients

ANS’s Scholarship Program demonstrates our commitment to educating future professionals. The scholarships recognize the academic excellence of graduate and undergraduate students studying in a nuclear field for the 2021-2022 academic year. This year, ANS awarded $157,000 in scholarships to 59 recipients. This is possible largely due to generous donations from ANS members, Professional Divisions, individuals, and the commitment of the ANS Board of Directors.


ANS Incoming Freshman

Tucker H. Bundy - Idabel High School (OK)

Sarah E. Cole - Mountain View High School (ID)

Rory M. Coll - Leonardtown High School (MD)

Alexander T. Edwards - Bob Jones High School (AL)

Carly E. Evans - Walled Lake Northern (MI)

Jonathan Liu - Saint Joseph High School (IN)

Lane M. Scheel - Palmyra-Eagle High School (WI)

Michael Shiwbaran - Central Park East High School (NY)

Jasmine C. Walker - Copley High School (OH)

Gabriel W. Watson - Anderson County High School (TN)

ANS Undergraduate (Sophomore)

William A. Graham - North Carolina State University

ANS Undergraduate (Junior/Senior)

Christian A. Arguello - University of New Mexico

Hayden S. Bland - North Carolina State University

Anthony G. Bowers - University of Massachusetts Lowell

Grayson S. Gall - North Carolina State University

Jacob M. Halpern - Purdue University

Tyler J. Lewis - Purdue University

Charles McSwain - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Robert H. Mendleski - Texas A&M University

Mitchell L. Mika - University of Florida

Kogan L. Powell - Utah State University

Anthony F. Tom - University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Angelo F. Bisesti Memorial Scholarship

Noah M. Higgins - North Carolina State University

Raymond DiSalvo Memorial Scholarship

Alisa K. Machiwalla - Kennesaw State University

William R. & Mila Kimel Nuclear Engineering Scholarship

Jack W. Fletcher - Missouri University of Science and Technology

Laura J. Shi - University of California, Berkeley

John R. Lamarsh Memorial Scholarship

Kaylee M. Cunningham - University of Florida

Abigail M. Davis - North Carolina State University

Hans P. Loewen Memorial Scholarship

Sophia L. Morton - Oregon State University

Accelerator Applications Division Scholarship

Noah M. Higgins - North Carolina State University

Joseph Naser HFICD Undergraduate Scholarship

Shana L. Johnson - North Carolina State University

Operations and Power Division Scholarship

Benjamin M. McNeely - University of Massachusetts Lowell

Katy J. Worrell - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Fusion Energy Division Dr. Kenneth R. Schultz Undergraduate Scholarship

Joshua M, Hoffman - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Broderick M. Sieh - Kansas State University (Honorable Mention)

Rudy Stamm’ler Undergraduate Reactor Physics Scholarship

Timothy M. Kiefer - North Carolina State University


ANS Graduate

Eli J. Boland - Missouri University of Science & Technology

Adam Darr - Purdue University, West Lafayette

Ahmed Moustafa - North Carolina State University

Kathryn A. Mummah - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Rittu S. Raju - The University of Michigan

Ashley R. Raster - Missouri University of Science and Technology

Ghada Shkoukani Alqous - North Carolina State University

Sarah R. Stevenson - University of California, Berkeley

Samuel O. Webster - North Carolina State University

Paige K. Witter - Colorado State University

Everitt P. Blizard Graduate Scholarship

Madeline L. Lockhart - North Carolina State University

Robert A. Dannels Memorial Scholarship

Emily H. Vu - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Decommissioning & Environmental Sciences Division Graduate Scholarship

AbdulsalamI Shakhatreh - Virginia Tech

Ely M. Gelbard Graduate Scholarship

Hadyn Kistle - Texas A&M University

Alan F. Henry/Paul A. Greebler Memorial Scholarship

William C. Dawn - North Carolina State University

Gavin K. Ridley - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lawrence E. Hochreiter Graduate Scholarship

Adam Kraus - Pennsylvania State University

Saul Levine Memorial Scholarship

Katelyn C. Cook - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Michael J. Lineberry Graduate Scholarship

Kaelee A. Novich - Boise State University

Nuclear Criticality Safety Pioneers Scholarship

Kristin N. Stolte - Texas A&M University

Fuel Cycle & Waste Management Division John D. Randall Scholarship

Hannah K. Patenaude - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

James F. Schumar Scholarship

Lorenzo Vergari - University of California, Berkeley

Robert E. Uhrig Graduate Scholarship

Vincent P. Paglioni - University of Maryland, College Park

Vogt Radiochemistry Scholarship

Madison N. Allen - University of Tennessee Knoxville

NEED Scholarships

John and Muriel Landis Scholarships

Madison N. Allen - University of Tennessee Knoxville

Madison N. Bushloper - University of Florida

Alexander S. Hauck - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Miriam A. Kreher - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ryan P. McGuire - Virginia Commonwealth University

Gibson D. Prall - University of New Mexico

Sierra A. Tutwiler - Virginia Commonwealth University

Nontraditional Student Scholarship

Teyen Widdicombe - University of Idaho

Community College/Trade School Scholarship

Kent Hamlin Memorial Scholarship

Michael J. Bircher - Columbia Basin College

Thomas C. Oberhausen - Lakeland Community College

Local Section Scholarships

ANS Oak Ridge / Knoxville Local Section Undergraduate Scholarship

Madison N. Allen - University of Tennessee Knoxville

ANS Oak Ridge / Knoxville Local Section Graduate Scholarship

Madison S. Ratner - University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Pittsburgh Local Section Graduate Scholarship

Miriam A. Kreher - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Pittsburgh Local Section Undergraduate Scholarship

Veronica Heyl - North Carolina State University

Washington, DC Local Section Jeffrey A. Gorman Undergraduate Scholarship

Joshua M. Hoffman - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Washington DC Local Section George P. Shultz and James W. Behrens Graduate Scholarship

Arturo Cabral - Virginia Commonwealth University

William Searight - Pennsylvania State University

Washington Internships for Students of Engineering (WISE) ANS Sponsored Interns

Zachary T. Deziel - NASA

Robert Brent Renfrow - Lipscomb University

Alpha Nu Sigma National
Honor Society

The Alpha Nu Sigma National Honor Society, established by the American Nuclear Society’s Education, Training and Workforce Development Division, recognizes high scholarship, integrity, and potential achievement among outstanding degree-seeking nuclear engineering students at institutions of higher learning. The following individuals have been inducted into the Alpha Nu Sigma National Honor Society in 2021:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ali Aljefri

Zoe Lilah Fisher

Justin Kunimune

Lige Liu

Zhuo Liu

Thanh Nguyen

Gavin Ridley

William Robb Stewart

Ralph S. Wiser

Yuan Zhu

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Casey Henry Burton

Qiyun Cheng

Lauren Elizabeth King

Dante Mariano Mancinelli

The Ohio State University

Pearle M. Lipinski

Tomás Mallmann Paganin

Tyler Jake Osterhout

Corbin Winningham

United States Military Academy (West Point)

Cameron James Barlow

Vincent Alexander Gasparri

Enrique Ignacio Gonzalez

Joseph Wesley Maddock

Amanda Leigh McDonough

Luke Edward Sanders

Valentina Marie Vincent

United States Naval Academy

Alexander I. Carter

Elizabeth Farnan

Nicholas Kennedy

Young-Uk Kim

Luke Leopold Lhota

Katelyn Majors

Nathan Joseph Matalavage

Calvin H. Mcdonald

Miss Madeline Isabella Prince


Sari Alkhatib

Katarzyna Borowiec

Michael Chakinis

Nicholas Arthur Dailey

Miss Jasmine Dinari

Moutaz Elias, PE

Roberto Fairhurst Agosta

Joshua Michael Hoffman

Ibrahim Jarrah

Alvin Joon Hon Lee

Nikhil Patel

Carly J. Romnes

Yanqin Zhai

Taiyang Zhang

University of Michigan

Damon Anderson

Miss Kaitlyn Elizabeth Barr

Adam Nathaniel Brusstar

Yucan Ding

Miss Marisol Garrouste

Juliane Kinney

Joshua Lathum

Aaron Thomas Arlyn MacDonald

Rowan Marchie

Jordan David Noey

Braden Jake Balsley Saltus

Christopher Dylan Thomas

Leo Tunkle


Saleh Afif Alafifi

Ragai Altamimi

Christian Alexander Arguello

Luke Baca

Malak Bani-Melhem

Kyle S. Beling

Dalton Irvin

Abhishek KC

Matthew J. Lazaric

Jennifer Leute

Dominic Lioce

Alexis Maldonado

Bobbi Merryman

Melissa Andrea Moreno

Jawad Ribhi Moussa

Benjamin Roy Murphy

Mekiel Olguin

Tara Lee Robertson

Gregory Alexander Ryba

Bruno Sa de La Rocque Guimaraes

Asmaa Salem

Steven Leif Showalter

Corey M. Skinner

Khaled Talaat

Michael John Tanguay

Daniel H. Timmons

Jeremy Vaughan

Dylan A. Weatherred

Colin Andrew Weaver

Christopher Wolfe


Promise Adebayo-Ige

Miss Annie McKenzie Berens

David Burgess

Sarah Creasman

Ethan Deters

Maj. Robert Boone Gilbreath, BSME, MS

Mrs. Karen Koop Hogue

Miss Katie Mae Karl

Samara Michelle Levine

Jana M. Starks

Ryan Charles Thier

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