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Nuclear Power Reactor Safety

Elmer E. Lewis

Item ID: 690094|ISBN: 0-471-53335-1


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This book is a reprint of the original. The ebook version is a PDF download only.

Much has transpired since Nuclear Power Reactor Safety was first published in 1977. Yet the book retains its relevance, for while numerous publications now cover narrower aspects of reactor safety in greater depth, few if any provide the integrated treatment of the fundamental aspects of reactor safety contained in this single volume. Focusing on accidents leading to the release of radioactive materials in the environment, the text emphasizes the more acute situations that may result in serious public health problems. It stresses the principles of reactor safety that will enable the reader to deal with new problems as they arise. The book requires an understanding of basic concepts of reactor engineering and an undergraduate background in physics and mathematics.
Featuring a new foreword and errata, this book is a timely update to a worthy classic!