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The Never-Ending Challenge of Engineering: Admiral H.G. Rickover in His Own Words

Edited by Paul E. Cantonwine

Item ID: 690090

2013|1st Edition|280 pages

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This book is a practical and philosophical look at the principles used by engineers from the perspective of one of America's greatest engineers, Admiral Hyman George Rickover. He is an icon in the history of nuclear power, and one of his greatest contributions was to develop nuclear power technology to meet much higher safety and quality standards than past technological developments. The record of safety in Rickover's nuclear Navy and in the U.S. commercial nuclear industry is unique in the history of power technology, and thus the thoughts of the man most responsible for how nuclear power technology was developed in the United States should be of interest to everyone working in a technical field—especially ones where customer/public safety and quality are paramount.
A review of Paul Cantonwine’s book by Will Davis was published in Nuclear News. The full review
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