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March 1

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The Special Award consists of a plaque and a monetary award of $1,000. The Board of Directors selects a different topical area for the award each year on the recommendation of the Honors and Awards Committee. The award is normally conferred during the Annual Meeting of the Society to the outstanding nominee in that specific area of work.

Nominees may be from any nation, but they must not be deceased at the time the awardee is selected. The nominee need not be an ANS member.

To submit a topic for consideration please contact the Honors and Awards Committee.


The Special Award was established in 1962 and has been awarded each year when eligible candidates are nominated and selected. The topics for the awards have come from the many varied areas of nuclear science and engineering fostered by the Society. The monetary award is provided from the general Honors and Awards fund.

The selection of the topics should continue to reflect the wide variety of subjects in which ANS members are prominent contributors. Future awards should be made in areas different from those in which previous Special Awards have been given. The award topic should be of timely interest to the Society and should reflect current Society affairs and activities. The topic should not be tailored to suit a particular individual or team who would undoubtedly receive that award.

With the extensive collaboration on many projects by groups of people ranging from two or three up to several, nominations of teams or small groups can be expected and are certainly appropriate for many areas that might be selected for the award. Possible restrictions of the nominees for the award to individuals or to small groups are left to the discretion of the Honors and Awards Committee.

2021 Topic: Making advanced nuclear energy systems a reality: Going beyond promotion toward deployment.

The interest in advanced nuclear reactor systems has grown significantly during the past decade, both within the nuclear community and externally. These systems hold significant promise for meeting future energy needs in an economical, safe and sustainable manner. Reflecting the interest in such systems, a significant number of commercial and research organizations are exploiting advances in nuclear and non-nuclear technologies to develop new designs with innovative features and enhanced performance capabilities. Most of these organizations are proactive in promoting their designs/concepts in order to attract public- and private-sector investment in their development, licensing, and demonstration. While such promotional efforts are needed for success, this award is intended to recognize outstanding achievement in having overcome key technical, regulatory and/or financial barriers to the commercial deployment of an advanced reactor system.

Selection Method

The criteria for selection of an award topic for the ANS Special Award is left up to the judgment of the Honors and Awards Committee. The basic criteria for the selection of an awardee can generally be outlined as follows:

  • The candidate has exhibited, in the past, truly outstanding work in the topic area.
  • The candidate is held in high esteem amongst their peers in their field of endeavor.
  • The candidate's work has exhibited great significance and relevance to the field chosen.

Nominations must include the completed nomination form accompanied by the following supporting documents:

  • Letter of recommendation
  • A narrative summary of about 500 words, including accomplishments, period of activity, and significance of achievements. The significance and implications of his or her contribution to research and development work on nuclear fuel and materials should be included in the statement.
  • A list of relevant publications and patents (if applicable)
  • A brief chronological resume
  • Letters of support recommended but not required (no more than five)

Nomination forms and supporting documents (in Word or Adobe Acrobat) should be emailed to

Hard copies can be mailed to:

Honors and Awards
American Nuclear Society
555 N. Kensington Avenue
La Grange Park, IL 60526-5535

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