Nomination Deadline

March 1 &

August 1

Presented at the

Annual & Winter Conference


$2,500* and a Bronze Medallion


The Untermeyer & Cisler Reactor Technology Medal recognizes an individual(s) who have made outstanding scientific, engineering, or management contributions to the advancement of nuclear reactor technology. The contributions may involve technology development, reactor system design, safety, deployment, or operation. The award scope considers any fission-based reactor technology.

The award consists of an engraved medal and a monetary award of $2500*. The award is to be made twice per year, normally conferred during the ANS Annual or Winter Conference.

Nominees may be from any nation, must be living at the time the awardee is selected, and do not need to be ANS members.

*In lieu of a cash award, recipients can opt for travel reimbursement up to the award amount.


This award is a combination of the earlier independent Untermyer, Cisler, and Reactor Technology awards. The three awards were combined in 2023 by the ANS Honors & Awards Committee.

  • The Samuel Untermeyer II Medal recognized pioneering work in the development of safe, water-cooled nuclear power reactors. The award was established in 2004 to honor Samuel Untermeyer II and it was funded by a contribution of $78,253 from the Untermyer’s Charitable Remainder Trust in 2001 upon his death. View Recipients
  • The Walker Lee Cisler Medal recognized an individual for outstanding scientific or engineering research achievement or the management associated with the design, development, or deployment of fast reactor technologies. The award was established in 1991 to honor Walker Lee Cisler and it was funded in part by a $35,000 contribution from Overseas Advisory Association, Inc. View Recipients
  • The Reactor Technology Award recognized individual(s) who have made original and outstanding contributions to the advancement of reactor technology. The award was established in 1993 at the request of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan with $30,000 in earnings received from the ANP 1992 Topical Meeting. View Recipients

Selection Method

Nominations must include the completed nomination form accompanied by the following supporting documents:

  • A letter of recommendation from the nominator
  • A narrative summary of about 1,000 words, including accomplishments, period of activity, and significance of achievements
  • A list of publications (if applicable)
  • A brief chronological resume
  • Letters of support recommended but not required (no more than five)

The selection committee consists of seven (7) members – six (6) from the Honors and Awards Committee and one (1) from Atomic Energy Society of Japan, appointed by AESJ. They review the nominations and make their recommendation to the chair of the Honors and Awards Committee. If the committee determines that there is no candidate of sufficient merit, the committee may recommend that the award not be made in that year.

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