Nomination Deadline

March 1

Presented at the

Annual Conference


The Meritorious Performance in Operations Award recognizes outstanding performance by both licensed and unlicensed personnel in the operation of nuclear facilities. It can be awarded to an individual or group who worked as a team.

The outstanding performance may be activities of the following type:

  1. Consistent, superior performance in the discharge of normal operations.
  2. New or novel effective solutions to problems pertaining to operations.
  3. Outstanding and/or innovative applications of reactor facilities to contribute to enhanced education, research, development, or training programs.

Nominees need not be ANS members, but shall be individuals of good character who are, or who have been, active in nuclear operations.

The award consists of an engraved plaque to be presented to the recipient(s) at an OPD function at the ANS Annual Conference.


This award was established in 1984 on the recommendation of the Operations and Power Division (previously known as the Reactor Operations Division) . A major objective is to encourage exemplary performance in nuclear operations and to recognize truly meritorious contributions irrespective of organizational affiliation.

Selection Method

Nominations of worthy candidates for the award are solicited by the chair of the OPD Honors and Awards Committee and can be submitted by any member of the Society. The award need not be given in periods when qualified candidates are not submitted. Multiple awards are allowed in a year when more than one exceptionally qualified candidate is submitted.

The award is intended for both licensed and unlicensed personnel who comprise an active part in the operation of a nuclear facility and who have performed in an exemplary manner.

Indications of such performance may be the following:

  1. Long-term, safe operation with a high availability factor.
  2. Development and implementation of novel operating, maintenance, or surveillance techniques and procedures.
  3. Development of a new or novel application of the nuclear facility or its byproducts.
  4. Any significant action worthy of national attention.

A panel constituted by the chair of the OPD Honors and Awards Committee makes the selection of the recipient. The ANS Honors and Awards Committee is available for consultation and review as appropriate.

Nomination forms and supporting documents (in Word or Adobe Acrobat) should be emailed to

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